How To Increase Footfall To Your Retail Store

All businesses face competition, but it’s especially tricky for those business owners running a retail store. Not only do they have the threat of other bricks and mortar businesses to consider, but they have the might of the online competition to consider too!

A glance at any high street will tell you how difficult it is for retail store owners to stay open, as many shops are now closed and vacant. Still, it’s important to stay positive. People still enjoy shopping in their local towns and cities, as it can be a social experience, as well as an opportunity to see products up close. 

If you’re a retail store owner then, don’t despair! Do what you can to increase footfall, perhaps with the suggestions we give you below.


Create an inviting storefront

If you do nothing to create an inviting storefront, you can’t expect shoppers to stop and take interest in your store. You have to catch their eye and lure them in, so make changes if you feel it necessary. Bigger stores do this, with aluminum canopies and larger-than-life signage, so you should consider the same with whatever your budget will allow.

If money is limited, you don’t have to renovate your entire storefront. However, you could add a fresh lick of paint to give it a bold new colour. You could also work on your window display. Check out these expert tips if you need some creative inspiration. Do whatever else you can to make your store more inviting, as you will then stand out from the competing businesses in your  street.



Give customers a reason to come in

Why should people come into your store? What’s in it for them? To increase footfall, you need to give them an incentive, so do what you can to encourage them

So, you might advertise regular sales, perhaps with large signs on your windows or through team members who could hand flyers to passers-by. You could demonstrate your products with expert tutorials, and perhaps give customers a hands-on experience if that is relevant for what you sell. It might be that a customer loyalty programme could work for your business, as this would ensure return customers. And you could add more facilities too. It could be a seating area for tired shoppers, an eating area, and even a toilet facility, as this would make your business a go-to place for many in-need shoppers.

These are just a few ideas, but think of the needs of local shoppers, and try to accommodate them where possible. 


Focus on your online marketing

Your business might be offline but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the internet for marketing purposes. Consider these marketing methods, for example, and target the right demographic for your business type. Try to collect the email addresses of your customers too, and send them newsletters occasionally with information about new product lines and special offers. 

The more you can do to market your business the better, and because most of your customers will be online in some capacity, it makes sense to reach them on the platforms they are likely to use. By capturing their attention online, you should be able to encourage them to visit your business. 

These are just a few of the ways to increase footfall to your retail store, so consider each one. By taking the necessary steps yourself, more customers will be taking steps into your business!



Images from Pixabay

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