How To Make Your Garage Space More Comfortable

How To Make Your Garage Space More Comfortable

Our recent post discussed how to keep your home warmer in winter, without necessarily keeping your heating systems on full blast. But it’s also important to consider one unique room in your household if you have it – the garage.

You may park your car here, or you may use it as a storage area. Perhaps your freezer is located here, you have a shelving unit with many DIY tools and accessories, and even old stored appliances that you plan to use “one day.”

But refining this space not only gives you more utility and comfort but adds value to your house. In little ways, it can also serve as a hybrid room, one which is comfortable to occupy should you need to (for instance, a pool table or other hobby/game could be practiced here), or a more robust utility room where you feed your pets without worrying about stains on the flooring.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss how to make your garage space more comfortable in the best possible way:


Make Sure It’s Insulated Correctly

Make sure the space is insulated correctly if you can. It will make a profound difference in terms of how comfortable the space is to occupy, and of course, it will prevent damp, leaks and wasted heating. There’s no reason why you should walk into your utterly freezing garage in the morning. With the right insulation panels and roof panels such as 50mm Celotex, you’ll be able to resolve heat loss in the best way, without limiting your purposeful ventilation on top of that.


Eliminate Door Draughts

It’s good to eliminate door draughts if you can. This is easy in many rooms, but it’s harder when you have a larger garage door. Adding insulation flaps to the side might not be enough. It could be that if the door lets enough air flow in, that replacing the door or having a new one refit could be important.

Those that can fit appropriately and also use side insulation stoppers that prevent damage to the wall but can limit airflow are a worthy investment. Newer doors might also grant you convenience by using more remote control options as opposed to manual controls you’ve been using. This could even inspire you to refit part of the space so driving in with your vehicle is easier than ever.


Replacing Fittings & Lighting Fixtures

It’s also important to replace the fittings and lighting fixtures of your garage to give it a homelier feel. If your overhead light buzzes, flashes constantly before illuminating, or might seem a little too sharp for the space in terms of its intensive illumination, then taking a step back and refining the space a little never hurts.

Replacing fittings, like replacing the beaten-up sofa used to store boxes with robust armchairs, refitting the top of your workbench if it’s seen better days, and making sure that panelling, rather than bare concrete walls are present can make a huge difference.


With this advice, you’re sure to make your garage space more comfortable, in the best possible way.


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