What To Do When You Hate Your Kitchen

What To Do When You Hate Your Kitchen

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. As such, it can become a stale place to be after a while! But if you often look around your kitchen and absolutely hate everything you see, why not make a change? Even just a small one, like clearing counters or moving appliances from one place to another, can do wonders for the look and feel of the space.

Once you’ve done that, why stop there? Why not go all out and make a big change that’ll help you to love your kitchen once again? It’s what you’d do for any other room! Here are just a few ideas that can really help to make your kitchen a more cosy and comfortable place to be.


Get an Island Fitted

A kitchen island is one of the most chic things you can add to a kitchen. Not only does it give you much more space to work with, but it’s a good way to give an outdated kitchen that much more modern feel. A few extra cabinets, some more countertops, and a couple of bar stools to sit for lazy breakfasts or big house parties – one small addition can add so much more use!


Get it Repainted

A bit of paint on the walls is a facelift – you’ll barely recognise the space once you’re done. It’s the most affordable kind of renovation known to man. And it’s not just the walls you can paint; cabinets and surfaces can benefit from this treatment too.

If you don’t have the time to repaint every inch of your kitchen, or don’t trust yourself to make a good job of it, go online to find some Painters near me and get someone out to do it for you. Otherwise head out to buy some paint, get a few tester pots, and see how a bit of colour could make your kitchen feel more like you.


Install More Lighting

A bit more lighting in the kitchen is good for those with smaller spaces to work with. These can feel suffocating at times; whenever you turn, there’s mess to clean up! But with a bit of the right lighting in the right places, you can make the space feel so much bigger and brighter.

Installing LEDs under cabinets is a good way to make a renovation like this cheap and easy. You can also highlight the most important parts of the kitchen in doing so; a little extra spotlighting can make cooking meals so much easier.


Redefine Your Backsplash

Finally, why not strip off the old tiles behind your sink and stove and replace them with new, shinier, and more colorful varieties? It’s not really a hard job to manage on your own. You just need to have proper grouting equipment with you, or you could just use fake tiles and stick them all on at once!


Hate your kitchen? You’re not alone – it’s why ideas like those above exist in the first place!


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