If you were Me and Lived in… Middle Ages and in Elizabethan England

I am, by now, a Super fan of Carole P. Roman.

She writes for children and teens, without treating them like babies and they love her for that.

She writes about other lives and adventures and that is the key of her success.

This time, Carole brings 2 more books from her series: “If you were me and Lived in…”, which is simple an exciting way to show other cultures and times, while you read and “live it” through the character.

If your child is a little historian and adventurer, this series is just what he/she needs to read.

If you were me and lived in the Middle Ages

This book will let you see how people lived in the Middle Ages and how you an your family would live, what would they eat and what activities would you do and expect. You could be either from a family of peasants or belonged to the Lord manor and live within the castle.

IMG_3687 IMG_3688

If you were me and lived in the Elizabethan England

This book will let you know how you and your family would live in the er of Queen Elizabeth I in England. While you and your family are bakers, what would the streets would be liked compared with today and how would you live or go to school.

IMG_3689 IMG_3690

The fact that these books combine the story with the illustration, brings out the imagination on what was living in those times.

Well done Carole!

Ale x

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