Is There Such A Thing As Bikini Body Ready?

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Ah, the infamous bikini body, the nightmare of all women from the moment they hit puberty.

There’s a constant quest to achieve the best bikini body, as a woman, so that you can safely and confidently enjoy your summer holiday on the beach.

As a result, countless women change their holiday plans because they are not happy with their appearance. It’s fair to say that fashion magazines don’t exactly share a positive body image for most women.

Unless you’re 6 feet tall and slightly underweight, it can be difficult to compare yourself against the photos in your favorite fashion read.

Sure, the swimsuit does look cute on the model, but you would be too worried about your stomach or the lack of thigh gap to wear such a thing.

Consequently, you probably fall into the same guilty trap than any other women. Not only do you choose not to buy the swimsuit of your dreams, but you also decide to blame yourself for not having the genes of a trained catwalk model.

Let’s be realistic before real women decide to punish themselves in their pursuit of an imaginary perfect body: Is there such a thing as a bikini body?




You can train as hard as you want

Admittedly, it’s fair to say that if you follow the bikini body advice you can find in magazines and online, you’ll be needing an activity tracker to keep up with your training.

A toned body is hard work.

The reason why the model looks so good in the pictures is that it’s precisely what her job is about. Unless you’re in the fashion industry, it’s likely that your career and lifestyle will leave you less time for targeted workouts.

You might even want to cheat a little with some leg liposuction if you want to achieve that dream-worthy thigh gap. But in the end, making your training fit into your busy lifestyle is only one side of the problem!


Without the right food, you can never get there

Indeed, most nutritionists would tell you that shaping your body is 80% what you eat and only 20% the sports you do.

But here too there’s a big dilemma: Your hectic lifestyle is in the way.

With one-third of Britons not planning for healthy meals and 60% claiming that they can’t find any inspiring recipes, a large part of the population continue to deliberately buy unhealthy pre-made meals because it’s an easy and comfortable solution.

Your bikini body is not a problem of food education. It’s truly a matter of taking the time to change your lifestyle. And as it happens, time is incredibly scarce!



Why couldn’t all bodies be bikini bodies?

The most important thought, though, when it comes to the perfect bikini body, is that perfection is not of this world.

Does that mean you can’t wear a bikini? Certainly not! After all, you need to change your mindset. The perfect bikini body is a body that wears the perfect bikini for its shape. In the end, every body is a bikini body.

Of course, there’s no denying that you can work hard to get that model’s body from the magazine – the photoshopped body you envy so much. But don’t do it to meet social expectations. Do it for yourself. Your perfect bikini body is a body you are happy with.


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  1. I agree women should not be ridiculed just because of the “required” body that society dictates. Every individual should love their body regardless of what people may say.