Jumping Dog – Helping children in need

I came across on the internet with one, of the many, unfortunately, sad stories of our world of abandoned children that are called “The Lost Boys”.
But there is hope for them, with your help.

I met Joost Vandebrug and his “crusade” inspired me.

Lets start from the beginning.

Who are the Lost boys?
The Lost boys (and it’s not from Peter Pan) are a group of children, abandoned children, that live (try: survive) on the tunnels underneath the city of Bucharest (Romania). They live in poverty and face challenges every day and night.
Many of them have been in the streets since they were 4 years old, others had to run from home because they were beaten up badly, and others abandoned. 
They all want to live together and support together, they are like a big family and don’t want to get separated.
One of the phrases that I saw on the video (link below on Cinci Lei) is one of the boys saying: “When I don’t have anything, the have, when I have something, others will have it too” – The real reason for true family.

My heart as a mother shrinks, my mind thinks of million things we try to protect our little ones.

Who is Joost Vandebrug?
Joost is a brilliant photographer that has been documenting from the inside about the Lost boys and got so caught up that decided to create the Jumping Dog and the Cinci Lei project to help these children and try to give them a good future (praise Joost for whom I have an admiration and the world) would be so much better if people were like him and his team and supporters…and you could be one! Read about Joost HERE

What is the Cinci Lei Project
Cinci Lei project is in fact a book. this book tells the story of children living in the worst condition in Bucharest, narrating their story along several months.
With the sale of the Cinci lei book, the money is 100% invested to help kids like them to have electricity, water, food, warm clothes, houses, education, etc.
But Cinci Lei has a meaning.
Cinci Lei translates 5 lei, which is a bit more than one euro. It is the price of a bottle of paint sniffed from the kids’s black bags.

You can watch some videos in the Cinci Lei website below.

What is the Jumping dog?
Jumping Dog is a clothes label founded in 2014. 100% of the sales goes to the Cinci Lei project. This clothes brand is one more way in which you can help these boys.
But why the name of Jumping Dog? In my way of seeing it and for what I researched, these kids have dogs not as pets, but as best friends, and don’t leave them behind. They are part of their family, they love them as the dogs protect them as well.

Jumping dog design is super cute and will make from your child a hero by wearing it, not only because of the fun clothes but because you will help so many other boys.
And the shipping is free for the UK and EU!

Here are some of the designs you can find on Jumping Dog 

This is RJ TShirt called Funky Fox. It brings Markers
to colour it that will disappear when washed.

This Patched Baseball Jacket is on my list to buy for RJ

As well as this K-wing Jacket

See more on the Jumping Dog Website

Jumping Dog and the Cinci Lei project are those REAL things that should be praised and shared. This is REALITY. Cruel and raw, with so much to still do, but with HOPE attached. 

I have to tell you, that tears have fallen, a lot, researching for these kids and so much more around the world, but also gave me a little hope on humanity with projects like these. Well Done Joost and team! A great Bravo!

Please share and support!

Cheerio #jumpingdog #hope #cincilei

Thank you to Joost and Jumping Dog
My heart and opinion is honest

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