Kiba Camera – Meet the Future of Home Videos (release in July 2016)

I am always struggling with cameras.

Even with expensive ones, sometimes you need one that is more static, other for action, other that work better with more light, etc.

But what about a KIBA?

What is a KIBA camera:
Using a KIBA is as easy as to set down the camera and be in the action. Kiba captures, identifies, and curates priceless moments automatically editing them into beautiful home videos.

World’s First Auto Capture & Edit Camera
Kiba automatically captures & edits video locally, securely storing only the best moments, rejecting 90% of unwanted motion with Kiba’s Joy Ranking Algorithm.
You’ll never miss the perfect shot again.
Get in the picture. Be in the moment.

Pre-order KIBA Here 
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Cheerio #futureishere

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