Billion Dollar Brow Review and Giveaway

Today, eyebrows are recognized as the cornerstone of beauty!

When I was working with several known brands some years ago, In the 90’s (so like decades ago), Eyebrows were considered like a symbol of rebellion and no one cared about them, specially if you were a teen or in your twenties.

You can see from Tv shows like Baywatch (Pamela Anderson anyone??) and other actresses that they had a huge “mono-brows” and we simply didn’t care.

How wrong it was! Now That I re-watch those series and movies, I grab by knees and rock around (yes I am being dramatic) thinking about mine…

Eyebrows makes your face change in such a good way. Can make your face becomes smooth and elegant, as long as you know how to make them.
(If you don’t know how to shape your Eyebrows, there are lot’s of good beauticians that can help you and are specialized on Eyebrows).

The right way to shape your eyebrow with measuring

Not only the shape of the Eyebrows are important but as really as important as the shape, is the makeup you were on them.

This is one of the best Eyebrow kits I have tried… Seriously and Sincerely Great!!

Billion Dollar Brows is the only cosmetic brand that devotes their knowledge and research for Eyebrow Health and Beauty.

They use high standard ingredients to make your eyebrows perfect.
I love it… Right now I can’t live without them.

I have the Best Sellers Kit and it comes with:

Universal Brow Pencil: Formulated to work beautifully with most skin tones and hair colors, this amazing eyebrow pencil goes on smooth and natural. Plus, the Universal Brow Pencil is automatic—it never needs sharpening and it comes complete with a spoolie brush on the opposite end for effortless blending and a perfect finish.

Brow Duo Pencil: Highlights your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth while providing instant visual “lift.” Our highlighter works with every skin tone. Plus, for on-the-go touchups, we added a handy universal concealer on the opposite end of the pencil. It’s effortless flawlessness!

Brow Gel: Our clear brow gel locks in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place all day.
Smudge Brush: This flat, synthetic brush is the ideal mate for applying creamy cosmetics like our Brow Duo Pencil. The perfect Holiday gift to share with a friend and spruce up your look for Holiday and New Years festivities.

And the Billion Dollar Brows 60 Seconds and it comes with:

Brow Powder: Vegan Friendly and suitable for Blonde or Brunette. This compact powder is smooth and fixes to the eyebrow. Love this powder.

Brow Brush: A spoolie brush perfect to fill and delineate the brow with the Brow powder. Spoolies brushes are never too much right?

Here is a little step by step on using the Best Sellers Kit

1 – With clean, toned ad Moisturized face

2 – Apply the concealer 

3 – Apply the eye shadows using the Smudge brush in the Kit if you like,
put some mascara and eyeliner

4 – brush your eye brow 

5 – Start with the Brow liner creating
the outer line then fill the brow

5 – Both brush and brow liner comes in the kit of course

6 – To finalize it, use the brow gel. It will help the makeup to stay longer
and gives a little shine

Eh voilá! Check the difference with the Eyebrows
done and the other without.
Did you ever tried the Billion Dollar Brow products?

You know what is best of it all?

A Giveaway!!

There is 3 Best sellers Kits to give to 3 lucky winners on the Billion Dollar Brow website.

Enter below for a chance to win one of these kits.

Sponsored Post by Billion Dollar Brow and BrandBacker

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