Lash grow and Ridiculash: What is Jolie Beauty up to.

It’s no news that we have been working along with Jolie Beauty in these past weeks, and we are so glad this is going on. Not only for the quality of their products (and affordable) but also because Jolie (cash, the founder of Jolie Beauty) has been making all lashes turn in her direction, and she has news about that.


What is a lash growth formula?

Everyone is now talking about tips on to grow their own lashes or make them thicker. From Castor Oil to Biotin, to take daily vitamins and eat healthily. The list can go on, but there are tricks. Lash Growth serums are now on trend for a good cause and a practical effect. Simply applying morning and night daily, you can see results from 2 weeks to 1 month.



Introducing Ridiculash

Jolie beauty’s new product is here and called Ridiculash. Ridiculash eye serum promotes the growth of your natural lashes with a formula that is rich in conditioning agents to keep those lashes long and strong.

Weak eyelashes can become brittle and shed/fall before their full potential. This serum should be applied morning and evening for the best results. The brush is easy to work, in a clean and seamless way. Accordingly to Jolie, you notice effects in 1 month of daily usage, we noticed in the 2 weeks after.

If you stop using, is like taking vitamins, it becomes as it was prior to using it. The body has needs and consumes vitamins.


Trying out the new Lash Lock and new false lashes

You wouldn’t be here at Alejandra’s if it wasn’t for the lashes right? We tried out the new Lash Lock lash glue from Jolie. And it works wonders with their lashes. Yes waterproof!



And the new range of false lashes has been great! Handmade and with a realistic faux mink texture and look, they have a variety of sizes, lengths, from natural to exuberant. Your choice!



Just a reminder that Jolie Beauty products are all Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Here are the Looks from the past week on our Instagram: from Valentine’s day in red, to the success of blue eyes and then the purple eyes, to be shared this next week. All looks using Jolie Beauty lashes.

What is your favorite shade?



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