Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work When You’re Waiting On The Paperwork

Long-distance relationships are becoming more common, although they can usually be very challenging. Sometimes the job just forces us to do it or we get to know our partner via the internet. Sometimes we are waiting on visas and paperwork before we can move in with them.

Firstly, it is important to look to see if you need a fiance visa. Once you have this, you can move forward. Here are relationship tips you can use to keep your long-distance relationship going despite all odds.


1. Little use of social media in a long-distance relationship

Of course, it’s convenient to stay in touch all day long using chat functions – especially if you’ve even met each other on the Internet. However, chatting is much more likely to cause misunderstandings in a relationship because facial expressions, gestures, and the pitch of the voice are absent from the conversation. Above all, it is better to discuss important topics such as future plans or feelings over the phone.

A conscious use of social media is required too. It is not the best way to maintain a relationship. You may feel ocncnerend if they don’t like your photos anymore, or can’t wait to message them to see why they haven’t posted. It’s best to avoid this area. If you already know each other really well, you can of course use social media as well as chat apps or other communication options on the Internet.

If you already know what the other’s behaviors are, this can reduce the risk of misunderstandings. Keep in mind, however, that written communication is always harder to interpret. 


2. Maintain long-distance relationships through shared memories

Clearly, shared memories cement any type of relationship. This is particularly important in a partnership in which you don’t see each other every day – maybe not even for weeks or months.

It is true that you can often exchange ideas and thus at least participate in the life of the other in your thoughts. So it is important to keep thinking back on a common basis. These can be shared experiences such as vacations and trips that you can talk about. Or perhaps talk about your mutual friends.

It can also work well to watch a series, read a book or listen to an audiobook at the same time. This creates a stronger feeling that one is actually part of the life of the other. 


3. In a long-distance relationship, you should make phone calls every day

Emotional closeness is particularly important in a long-distance relationship because there is no physical closeness. Therefore, you should talk to each other every day. Video chat is best because you can see them up close, watch their expressions and get on a deeper level with the conversation.

This makes it easier to determine whether the other person has just had a great day, is very tired or whether there were perhaps problems. This also makes it easier to interpret the other person’s statements and avoid misunderstandings. Whatsapp, Skype or Facebook are great.


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