Malcolm and Gerald Personalized Tshirts

By this time you know how much I love personalized things right?

Malcolm and Gerald is a brand of personalized children clothes (Boys and Girls), that by experience, know what children wants and how they can be so cool!

As a mother of a by, and certainly most of boys mums will agree, having boys clothes in a shop means that 90% are for girls and 10% are for boys, and most of it are not of good quality and are ugly…or Shirts…which Shirts aren’t either practical or comfortable, and they will have loads of years to year Shirts right!

I loved M&G quality and printing.
They came in a very cute see-through tube package!

They knew exactly what I wanted and RJ loved them.

Who is Malcolm and Gerald (by M&G):

Malcolm & Gerald (M&G) was established in 2014. 
It was named after Malcolm the monkey and Gerald the giraffe, the beloved companions of Alex (aged 6) and Charlie (aged 2). 

They (the boys not the toys!) were the inspiration for the M&G clothing line. The boys liked nothing more than clothes and accessories with their names on. 

We are still not sure why but it seemed to work and everyone who saw our boys wearing the M&G designs seemed to love them too. 

That is why we started the line, as well as being an excuse to design more and more outfits for the boys that incorporate their names, we could also share them with you! 
We hope you love the designs (oh and Malcolm & Gerald) as much as we do!

Yes we do love them!


What do they do:

They personalize T-shirts, School bags, Pencil cases, and much more for your little ones. 
There’s even baby grows for your tiny ones!

Here are RJ’s Tshirts 
(couldn’t take, till the present moment, a photo with him wearing them…try and make a toddler that started walking now to stay still!)

Are you related??

My Favorite!

With Christmas almost here, why not have a look and give a personalized gift?

See in their online shop 
(click the pic to be forwarded)

Thank you to Malcolm and Gerald

Cheerio #MalcolmandGerald

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