Things You Should Have: A Comforter

Yes a Comforter! Specially a Kippin!

The comforters were a novelty for me when I got pregnant and in the mums forums everyone talked about their babies having comforters… 

But what is a comforter?

A Comforter is normally like a little blanket, a square of fabric normally with a head in form of an animal, a little buddy in which babies and toddlers will sleep with, their little sleeping buddy.

But Kippins are not an ordinary comforter!

Did you know that the new range of Kippins have been safety tested as being suitable from birth?

When you feel comfortable introducing a comforter to your baby, pop it down Mum or Dad’s top and wear it around the house for a while. 

It’s the best way for your babe to feel close to you when you’re not there. 

You might find your babe doesn’t seem to notice their comforter much at first, and suddenly one day they can’t get enough! Attachment to a comforter is a beautiful thing. 

Your Kippin will become your babe’s best bud, a comfort in times of stress and a fun playmate!

RJ sleeps with his famous Peter Rabbit, since the moment I was in the Airport and since I bought it, he literally loves his buddy…

…But then…

Appeared Mr Dash, the Kippin!
Here’s Dash Kippin! He’s the tribe’s very own king of cool and RJ’s favorite Comforter!
Mint-green and white scalloped bunting print tiger comforter with a soft grey back. 

What is a Kippin?

Kippins are hand printed using organic inks. Spots, dots and cracks are part of the fun and no two Kippins are exactly alike!
Completely GOTS certified and ethically made with organic cotton, recycled poly-fill and organic inks. Machine washable & safety tested.

Every Kippin has it’s own personality!

Here is the Kippins Family

Dash – The King of Cool

Coco – A flowerchild Flamingo
that likes to Dream and Dance.

Bam – The Ball of Energy to go

Loved the idea of a little Tippee tent with cosy throws

Billie – the Pransker

Splits – The dude that everyone wants to hang out

River – The Peace and love leader

Kitty – This cool cat likes the finer side of life

You can get you Kippins here in the lovely shop of Cinnamon Sue
(Click in the image to be redirected)

Thank you to Cinnamon Sue!

Cheerio #loveDash

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