The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After (Book Review)

Imagine that you have a School that you have to make a test to know if you’re going to study for Good or for Evil, and to surpass the expectations of previous students such as Cinderella, Prince Charming, Rapunzel or Snow White… Tough job! But that’s not all.

The test can be a test or simply because of the way you look or dress send you to that school, wanting it or not!
Sometimes our appearance don’t represent our true purpose in life.

The Series of The School of Good for Good and Evil tells us the story of Sophie and Agatha.
Sophie, the perfectly blond “goodie two shoes” (or is it?) and the Raven Black hair Agatha and her sarcastic opinions but true (or is it?).

The 2 best friends will be separated by schools and by thoughts during the series (not going to be spoiler of course).
Sophie is the perfect princess (she thinks she is) and makes everything to get her dream to enter School of Good, with all the fairytale princes and princesses.
Agatha doesn’t even care about either school..but her mum thinks she is going to the School of Evil.

But then a turn-tale is set up…and more I can’t say!

Out now is the final book of Soman Chainani’s series:

The Last Ever after! When fairy tales are just a normal place and people live in appearances that don’t correspond with their true soul.
This book has romance (oh yes, fairytale characters DO romance!), funny , adventure and loads and load of action is well represented in this last book.
The 2 girls will realize whom they should have trusted and whose back they should had… for the sake of their lives because Evil took charge and could be the end of Good in the world.

About the Author

A debut novelist but Soman Chainani has written numerous screenplays and his recent work
includes the upcoming feature musical MUMBO JUMBO for Aardman Animation
(WALLACE & GROMIT, FLUSHED AWAY, CHICKEN RUN), and the adaptation of
children’s book THE PUSHCART WAR for Jane Startz Productions


“A fairy tale like no other, complete with romance, magic, and humour… that will
keep you turning pages until the end.” – Newbury Award-winning author Ann M.

“Twill enchant young girls and boys alike with its twisted take on the classic
fairytales.” – The Bookbag

“Dark, funny and entertaining” –

“Amazing!!! Brilliant!!! PERFECTO!!! Mindblowing!!! Love it. Absolutely LOVE it.” –

“This book is amazing!! It really kept me up all night and I could not wait to finish it!
GO AND READ IT. SERIOUSLY. GO, GO, GO!” – Anna, Goodreads

The School for Good and Evil (The School for Good and Evil, #1)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A brilliant eye opener for fairytales with all the twists of a Novella. Your children must read and let the show you what they really learned, because they can learn one or two things about the real aspects of Good and Evil” – Alejandra for ArtsMum



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