Maya the Bee: an unBEElievable adventure

Remember Maya?

I have early memories from the 80’s Maya and her sweet adventures. 
Unfortunately a lot of those cartoons aren’t nowhere to be found and they where swapped by violence and 3D cartoons (nothing against the 3D cartoons…I am still old school).

Maya the Bee surprised me in many ways this weekend.

First because we got a lot of goodies at home to make our own Home Party viewing the new Maya The Bee DVD that is going to be released to public on DVD and Digital HD download on the 8th of February.

Secondly because it was so sweet to see her adventures and her friendship once again, this time with my little RJ, while cuddling and munching some good sweet popcorn (YAY!!!).

The Plot:
Maya is a busy bee, but wants to live in the meadow and not be like the normal bees in the hive. But her dreams take a turn out, when her friend Willy and her hive need to be saved from the Queen Bee advisor (he’s the baddie). 

Definitely a Must have in your child (cough*mine*cough) collection.
Take some time of and have a good quality time with your family watching Maya the Bee DVD and her UnBEElievable adventure.

Me and Maya…RJ was asleep.

Cheerio #MayatheBeeDVD

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