Metallic Jewellery Tattoos – The Ultimate Body Art Trend

The Glimmer team invite you to get super creative and combine their eye catching metallic Jewellery designs with hand-painted watercolours to create your very own totally unique look.

Your body becomes a masterpiece!

Ideal for festivals, the beach, parties and concerts or a daily style upgrade, simply apply, glimmer and go! Temporary tattoos have become a beauty and fashion phenomenon in recent months, with everyone from Alessandra Ambrosio and Aerin Lauder to Rita Ora and Beyoncé embracing the trend!

It’s called “Jewellery” because you can either use them for necklaces or rings. they are very beautiful and precise… plus they last several days and are quite practical (ask for a mum when wearing necklaces and babies in their lap or carrying them… oh yes you know what I am talking about…and beads rolling right?).

I received this beautiful Tattoo Jewelry, a Silver and a Hand Painted ones, from Glim Glam

They have several models, is a question of what you like and the occasion.
Each pack brings 2 sheets with lots of designs.

You can find the Luxe Gold, Luxe Silver, Rose Gold, Daydream, Believe and 
Free Spirit designs for in Glim Glam Website

They are very practical and easy to use!

To Apply:
Cut the tattoo you want, Make sure you peel it, apply on the place you want it and with a sponge or a bit of cotton with water, soak the tattoo until the tattoo grabs the skin and the paper is loose.

To Remove
Put a bit of body oil in a cotton bud or cotton ball and pass it all over the tattoo, leave for a minute and it rub it of easily.

Some of our Tattoos 

You can create Bracelets, Rings or even Necklaces

The watercoloured ones, looks like you have been painting and
the paint stayed in your hands.
Very realistic and beautiful

I love my Silver ring!
Video is still in Progress

Thank you to Glim Glam and Babushka Communications.

Cheerio #LetsGlimmer

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