How to make a Baby Personalized Birthday Outfit DIY

Almost 10 days for RJ’s Birthday, his 1st Birthday!

Time passed so fast, I still can’t believe it.

In my search for the perfect outfit, something that really wasn’t bought for an expensive brand at least, because parents know how much a party can be expensive!

I wanted something I (and Dad) that we could remember as special and be personalized, since we are both in DIY things.

Remember my post about RJ partyThere was this outfit I really liked and then I put my DIY part of the brain to work.

Here is the result!

Let me show you step by step:
You will need:


A short or long sleeved vest


The vest are great because of the flap in the neckline


Fabric Glue. You can either glue it or sew it…
I had tried the glue and works great.




A bow tie and Ribbon (1 meter) that can match or not
A character your child likes and his birthday number.
These patches can be Iron on.
Measure the ribbon from the under flap till the trouser line.
You want the ribbon to make the ilusion of entering the trousers.
Cut it to the size


Use a lighter to create a seam in the ribbon, so it won’t get damaged.


Apply glue in the ribbon
(sorry the picture was playing tug-o-war with me in this post and some pics were crazy)


Apply the ribbon. Don’t worry about the glue appearing.
After some hours (at least 6 hours drying very well) they will disappear.


Apply glue in the Bow tie (I love bow ties!)


Apply the Bow tie. If you want put a piece of paper inside the vest.
(another crazy pic)


Apply the patches the way you want. I glued mine but you can Iron On them.
If you want to Iron on, please let the glue dry at least 6 hours.


And voilá! RJ birthday oufit!

Here is the Video with the instructions:


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