Nitin Khana’s Expertise in Many Industries

The world is presently divided into over 200 countries. While some areas are better off than others, the overall outlook on the world has never looked brighter than it has today. An individual born in even the most poor circumstances can escape and forge a future they could have never possibly dreamed of at home.

Nitin Khana was born and grew up in India. A country that is not well known for its social growth potential. He saw how hard his parents had to work to keep food on the table, which lead to him wishing he could improve his own and their life. It was this desire that jump started a path that lead him to calling Portland, Oregon his new home. His path to success was recently recounted in a recent Your Story article.



The United States of America gave Nitin Khana the perfect environment to complete his education and pursue a future that would be unattainable in his home country. The first step was finding a place to begin, such as the shifting technology use at the time.

A new century was upon the world and there a mindset that companies needed to have a fresh and modern appeal. Nitin Khana’s first venture Saber Corporation found an audience for its services right away. He helped to overhaul the technology for countless clients of all backgrounds. His actions helped to usher in a new era for each of the clients he received. By 2007, the industry shift was moving once again and likewise Nitin Khana was ready to find the next big venture.

The late 2000s brought an entirely new set of economic challenges to the world. Nitin Khana had some prior experience with direct client interactions during his last venture, but he choose to take another leap of faith in founding MergerTech in 2009.

This gave him the ability to advise clients in a more personal manner. He could consult with them and help determine their best course of action in merging with a bigger company or the acquisition a smaller company. However, the notoriety of his influence would not come until he helped the bank Smile forge an unparalleled deal. It was a deal so grand that Nitin Khana’s work became recognized by the best publications and organizations in the business. While it may have been fragmented by nature, he was leaving a lasting mark on the business industry.

Beyond major scale technology reform and business transactions, Nitin Khana has always had an eye on his local community. In 2015 he founded a company whose only purpose was to help cultivate the cannabis industry. There was little doubt in his mind that this market was on the verge of an explosion unlike any he had seen in recent memory.



Numerous States were proposing its legalization and the public was becoming better educated on its wide array of uses. Nitin Khana has already developed an expansion plan of his business into Canada and the rest of the west coast. He believes a business man can never too prepared.

Nitin Khana dreamed of a future where he could make the lives of people better while improving his way of life, and there is little doubt that he has achieved this. In the office he conducts himself in a professional manner, while in public he shows off the fruits of his labor. By helping to improve the local community he improves the lives of people on many fronts both directly or indirectly. The results he has shown from each step prove that he can make any idea come true.



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