Boys Clothes DIY (1)

When I was (soooo) very pregnant, I was at home being creative.

Not only the budget was bit low because a baby really makes you spend a lot of money, in Nursery, in clothes, in gadgets, the Pram, the everything!

Maybe you’ve heard this:

Don’t buy clothes very expensive because they gill grow up so fast or they will ruin the clothes quickly.
True oh soooo True!

But you want your LO (little one) to dressed fashionably and cute (at least i am).

So I decided to give my personalized touch in his clothes.

Searched in Pinterest (that great place to get ideas, but be careful in some of those ideas) and decided to put my pregnant head and hands at work.

picked some white bodysuits and a t shirt, went to eBay and both iron on images (look for good quality, if not sure, buy just one from that seller and when you receive it, buy more), and for others I went to a specialty shop and bought ribbons and other materials.

For the Iron On, you only need an Iron (of course!). 
But a bit of advice: careful not to put n the washing machine or they will come out or wrinkle with the heat (if you dry the clothes in the machine as well):

Love Baby Hercules for a boy.

For the Ribbon I stitched like this:

Now I have a pillow to make. Which will be a surprise for a future Post. 


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