Protein Snacks for busy Lives!

October has come quick, kids in school, Uni started and works need to be planned, and the daily working and commute routine is upon us.

Being a mum, sometimes makes us miss… occasionally, some meals, especially when kids are late in the morning and need to be fed and dressed, and (guilty) I am one of those.

But I tend to resort to my favourite brand to sort me out and give me a pick me up not only in the morning but on those days I have several meetings and no time to eat properly.

Attention: This is NOT a thing I do daily or normally, just occasionally when I am on the go and I know I probably won’t have time to eat. It is not a detox or a weight loss thing, is just my experience and which I have knowledge of and when I recommend something is because it makes me feel good and is good quality!

So I stick in my bag my shaker, my protein and a little packet of soy milk just in case.

As a protein, of course I am speaking about Nutribuddy, and I am talking about the High Protein Sculpting Shake.

The High Protein Sculpting Shake is a delicious shake who is low in calories but high in protein! Made with rice and pea protein, is vegan-friendly and also contain gluten-free oats.


Why I chose the High Protein Sculpting Shake

  • Save Time: By being a shake, is a quick and easy meal on-the-go. Just scoop into your shaker, add milk or a milk substitute, shake and drink! You can save time whilst still ensuring you’re having a nutritious meal.
  • 100% Natural & Healthy: It’s true that ‘natural doesn’t always mean healthy’. But it steers away from unhealthy natural ingredients like laxatives.
  • Easily Digestible: The key ingredients is oats and rice protein are very easy to digest, unlike whey protein which can cause some discomfort.
  • Rich in Nutrients & Amino Acids: contains both rice and pea protein which are two types of protein that are rich in various nutrients and combined yield an impressive amino acid profile.
  • Natural low-calorie Sweetener: uses natural sweetener: stevia. So many products use artificial sweeteners such as ‘Aspartame’ which I’m personally not a big fan of.
  • Balanced nutritional profile from whole foods: has been developed with nutritionists to deliver the key things your body needs to thrive.
  • Healthy & sustainable ingredients: packed with fully with natural and healthy wholefoods.


How to:

Take 20g per serving (2 Nutribuddy scoops). Take it at whatever time of the day suits you. I can be taken as a meal replacement or a snack replacement. I prefer as a snack replacement and some fruit along with it.

The easiest way to take me is to mix me with 300ml-400ml of milk, water or a milk substitute in your Nutribuddy shaker and shake to your satisfaction!

Alternatively, you can make a really exciting smoothies or desserts.


For me has working wonderfully, I don’t have to wait long hours without eating, burning insulin and damaging my health, just because I don’t have time to eat. Because life can be like that sometimes.

Eat and drink plenty of water and exercise, don’t forget about that.


For more information check Nutribuddy online



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