Rodizio in the Fazenda in Birmingham

What a great treat for this cold November, then to have a good Rodizio with warm food, good wine and an excellent company!

For those that don’t know, a Rodizio is originally from Brazil and Argentina, with BBQ meats that are brought to your table and cut onto your plate directly. You can choose if you want well done or not, and the buffets are always a good choice for side dishes, but you CANNOT have Rodizio without white rice, chips, black beans, farofa and Pao de Queijo (cheese bread balls).

In Birmingham opened the new Fazenda Rodizio, from the known Fazenda Group that you can find in several places from Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh and more, and I got the pleasure to meet the co-founder Tomas in a Captain Table event. As a South American I am always excited to speak my language and I was in my environment, plus I’ve met great and fun people that night.



So how Rozidio works?

You have in your table a card with red on one side and green in other. So whenever you want to start eating, flip the card to green… when you want to stop or take a break, flip to red.


Flip to Eat (green in the picture) or Red to Pause or Stop.


The “passadores” will bring a different cut of meat grilled, and you can taste the traditional Picanha or Maminha, or why not try the chicken heart (a very traditional Brazilian plate), but I advise you to ask for the grilled Pineapple to “clean your palate”. As many meats will come down your way, sometime you need something to reset your taste buds and continue (or finish).

A tip on the grilled pineapple and it is a good thing for your digestion: ask for cinnamon to add a bit on top of your pineapple.

See the menu online at


Trying to not eat the whole buffet, because the king of the Rodizio is the Meat! But I couldn’t resist to some chorizo and quail eggs.


About Fazenda Birmingham

Situated in the middle of the Colmore Row, right in the middle of the financial district and where the most distinguished restaurants and bars are sited, Fazenda is a wonderful and historic place to visit. The place has a huge are with different sitting areas, a Bar, a cloak reception, 3 private function rooms, a large Buffet and best of all and the Piece de Resistance: The wine cellar. Decoration is minimal but cosy and can be definitely a place for the family reunions or why not take the clients for a different meal to close that deal.


The Cellar


Staff are really friendly, so don’t worry if it’s the first time you go to a Rodizio, nobody was born knowing everything. They will explain everything to you and give you some tips or advices.

Ask for the excellent Malbec from Argentina and prepare yourself for a treat!


Vegetarians and Vegans Beware: you will get addicted!

Was one thing I noticed in the menu. Normally a Rodizio is only meat. But not at Fazenda. They do have a Vegetarian, a Vegan and a Pescetarian menu! Hooray! I liked their vegetarian options, specially the Moqueca (which is a traditional Brazilian dish made normally with shrimps, but they transformed it into vegetarian but with the same wonderful taste of moqueca!).


Vegetarian Moqueca


The Buffet

A huge super filled buffet awaits for you. Filled with side dishes as potato salad or white rice and black beans, hot and cold food can be found in this wonderful buffet, not only your cold salads and entrées, bread and cold meats as well as chorizos and very nice cheeses.


The Buffet (well…a tiny part of it).


The Drinks

I have written previously about the Malbec, but why not try their cocktails and Mocktails (non-alcoholic drinks). Other wines from around the world are available in the menu.



The Desserts

I got the opportunity to try them all (oh yeah!)… was full and almost rolling down the chair, but there was one thing in the menu… OK OK 2 things in the dessert menu I had to eat. First, one of my favourite desserts ever and I didn’t had one for some years: the famous Brazilian Quindin! A type of pudding with coconut, super delicious, creamy and beyond sweet.

The other one was the Dulce de Leche Coulant… Oh… my… goodness! What wizardry was that! Make a favour to yourself and eat it and be happy!


Mix of Brazilian Desserts: From Brigadeiro, Quindim, Canoli and Cheesecake and a delicatessen cake)


Dulce de Leche Coulant


3 chocolate Pudding with Mango


Fazenda Birmingham…

… Is a Place to go! Great Food, tasty home meals and a fun night out (or lunch), a family friendly place that brings all flavours and palate from Brazil and Argentina, South America is well represented at Fazenda. I haven’t eaten so well for a long time at a Rodizio and that brought back home memories.

Fazenda Birmingham is situated in GPS B3 2AA, number 55 Colmore Row, Barwick Street Entrance, and you can find car parks near or street parking, and can be booked by phone or online on their website.

Check Fazenda online for more menus.


See you next time Fazenda because I have marked you! 


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