Shark Lift Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hi Everyone,

This time reviewing my new gadget to help here at home and to help me with my allergies.

The Shark Lift Away NV340UKR Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

I never tested a vacuum as powerful as this one…when I say powerful is so strong but efficient. When I thought that my house (that has carpet all around) was “supposedly” clean… Good grief!

The vacuum bring all accessories needed and I have to say again, it was the only vacuum that I have seen with so many accessories for the price it has. I was skeptical in buying it, but read so many reviews on how Shark is better than Dyson…I have to agree 100%, it IS better than anything i have ever tried or bought.

The filters are washable and easy to reach, everything is thinked to make an easy cleaning, the bagless is a plus side, I think bags is a thing from the past, and the fact that it bring a different accessory to clean as a mop, is brilliant.

This vacuum really deserves a 5+.

Excellent excellent usage, cleaning, everything.

The price is an investment but really worth it.

See the video I’ve made:

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