WowBoxMe of April + Get your FREE box!!

You’ve read right!

Get your free box when you sign in my special link – Available for only my blog (below).

What is WOWBox:

For less than £10 a month, you will get a box at home full of food, snacks and drinks for the price of £20.You can choose if you want the Alcoholic box or the non alcoholic one and even can add any other snack if you fancy it.

Better than that is that if you review (on the Wowbox website the box) you’ve received it, review the products from 1 to 5 stars, you will get an extra £5 inside the next box of your favourite snacks.

As you know I have been receiving some subscriptions boxes from all around the world, but this one is perhaps the cheapest one I have reviewed and was full of good things!

Look at what was inside:

To get your FREE Box go to WOWBox Website and register today for free.

(note: my link contains my promo code ready with your discount. This is an affiliate link.)


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