Soniclear Petite by Michael Todd Beauty – Review

I love skincare. 
It’s my professional area for more than 15 years.

Take a look on this cleanse my Michael Todd beauty and let me tell you a couple of things about skin.

Skin is the biggest organ in your body.

Some may say: Skin is not an organ!
Yes it is.

It protects you intelligently, covers you, alerts you for temperatures, open and closes pores to either release heat or retain heat on the body, shows you if something is wrong inside of you (eczema, psoriasis, etc) and you couldn’t live without it.

I worked with laboratories well known in cosmetics and after that I studied and treated a lot of people with skin problems till today.

Skin is amazing!
But… treat her bad and if she doesn’t have you to take of it, she will die. and by dying I mean: wrinkles, stretch marks, bruises, rashes, etc.

And of course our Face is our mirror of who we are (let’s not start with philosophies, not today) and the best things I can tell you is:
  • Start taking care of your skin (proper daily care) when you’re 14/15 years old
  • By 23 yrs old start using anti wrinkles cream for your age (of course)
  • By 30’s use firming creams
  • Drink clean water (not nonsenses of detox or flavored waters, plain pure water)
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise (twice daily)
  • Night time tip: after cleaning your face, and before toning, wash your face with cold water to close the pores and fresh the skin, then apply toner and moisturiser.
  • Never sleep with Makeup… NEVER!
  • Make a deep cleanse once a week (depends on the skin you have) with a firming or calming mask.
  • Try not to wear a thick makeup… it’s great for a party, not great for your face.

Do this and your face will be young for much longer.

Why the use of electric cleansers
It’s practical, most of all!
I have several at home, each one of them for an specific function.

I know the manual says you can use daily, but please don’t! 
Start by trying once every other day, be sure the brush is for your type of skin and that you start by trying the normal to sensitive brush and if you think you need more then you either use a harder brush or use the cleanser every day. But try first. And once daily!!

Skin can regenerate. But it regenerates at different rates on different bodies. Sometimes those regenerations can look perfect, other times (and because your body is always changing and accommodating to the environment) can be a less perfect and look like a scar. So don’t push your skin too much.

What I have to say about Soniclear Petite
I just thought it was just one more gadget, same as many I have tried. 
No it’s not!

It has 3 speeds:
Low speed – dry and sensitive skin
Second speed – combined to oily skin
High Speed – Acne skin or weekly deep cleaning

Everything in this pack is practical, the magnetic charger is a USB and the battery can last for months (3 to 4 months).
You can take it to the shower because is waterproof, and it has a stand for your bathroom or beauty table.

I love it!

Take a look at my video where I explain


What do you think?

Cheerio #soniclearpetite

Thank you to Michael Todd
My opinion is Honest and Unbiased

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