Taga 2.0 – Family Healthy Fun

Have you heard of Taga?

You have for sure if you have a social media account anywhere, either on Facebook or Twitter.

But what about Taga 2.0?

Taga Team you are A-MA-ZING!

When I first saw a Taga video, it was on facebook and I thought: nah…this must be one of those video, fake videos…
but no it was true!
That Dog seems comfortable!

Now we have the Taga 2.0!

2.0 means normally an upgrade and improved version of the previous release… yes and no.

Yes it’s crazily cool and I want one, No because the models are different and serves different people… still I would like to try both of them!

Taga 2.0 was designed to be a affordless version of Taga and the best thing is that it can take 2 kids now, instead of 1 in the previous version.

In my case would be just Rj and maybe our shopping or picnic basket for the park, or just me going shopping.

Pretty much anything you’d expect from a modern family bike. 
Take two kids facing forwards, backwards or towards each other, add a 3rd child in the back, or just one kid up to 8 years old and a water gun. Rainy? Sunny? No problem, just snap on the Royal Canopy. 

Your baby wants to take a nap? Recline the seat to a sleeping position. Need some help pedaling? Add our e-Bike kit! (yes…you can turn Taga into an electric bike!!).

Taga 2.0 is made from a lighter material and has a lot of components that can be used for a lot of things, it even has a rain cover like a Sidecar…how cool is that! (yes because we are in England…and not having a rain cover for your pram is basically a BIG no no!).

Infinite options!

Easy to assembly and disassemble to fit in your car, Taga 2.0 is quite different from the 1st version.

My point of view in this comment is not bad (at all!) is that I liked the view of the taga 1.0 (what can I say…I was always a Transformers fan, and the first taga remind me that because of the aluminium chassis), Taga 2.0 is incredible because it can have a million ideas to do and must be much light that the 1st taga and you can choose colours.

I still haven’t tried it (crossing fingers) but with a great thumbs up I say that Taga 2.0 will be much more successful than the 1st taga and I am waiting for great new from the manufacturers of Taga!


See Taga on Kickstarter

What do you think?

Cheerio #Taga2.0

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