Traffic on your Blog: True and False

I just needed to write about this.

Times are changing. In fact every week on social media or the whole internet, brand new things appear and other become obsolete and don’t work anymore or even can be hacked.

When I started to blog in 2010 with my other blogs (now closed), I had a blog solely for my Arts in any form and other blog just for Makeup and Skincare, it was only for fun and to show pretty things.

Now Blogging is a full time work, with lots of work in a world (the Blogger world) where everyone is peeking to see how many likes you have on social media or how many followers and even the famous questions asked by brands: What is your GA views per month? GA as in Google Analytics.

Now the thing is:

GA is NOT the king of the castle. GA is not THE only way of seeing true organic views, followers, clicks – whatever you need to show to a PR or brand that you indeed have views and can work with them.

For example:

I had on previous blog (The Artsmum) website in the Blogspot from Google. My GA (strangely or not) was always blooming even though I had so little post back then (2014) as I was starting that blog. My MOZ was massive DA 90 to PA 73… massive! Everything was going excellent until I decided to change servers, leave Blogspot and migrate to WordPress (today). As Soon as I change the server, I got back to 0. Changing to WP (wordpress) was like starting a brand new blog when I had massive amounts of work.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it was leaving me in tears. Then I had a problem and needed to migrate again to a new domain! (When Artsmum changed to Alejandra’s Life)… once again I went to 0. GA didn’t care. You miss one day without putting the darn GA code and it will swipe you for the face of internet.

GA doesnt care. It’s not honest in a way that now Adsense want to take the plugin for GA from your WP since from May ’17 that won’t be valid – Meaning they still don’t care and you will be taken down to 0.

I have (fortunately) good readers and loyal ones that know how much I work everyday.

here on the Blog in a month can have (or at least I think it can be…I am really confused now by who says the truth) a total of views of 2 Million, or sometimes, having 900K of views.

I understand Brands and PRs. They will give you sponsored products and pay you (sometimes) and they need to know if the person is a truthful and will make the job or not. I really understand them. But instead of asking for GA, why not reading the content that a Blogger does in a post? Read and ask for invoices! Because Bloggers that are looking for jobs in writing, they will be giving invoices since they are supposed to be registered, making a great insurance for Brands and PR. Even if price is 0, ask for invoices.

You can install GA, install Jetpack or Yoast or WP analytics…and the 4 of them will give you different views… or do you think they are true and organic? How many ghost and crawlers are out there making you believe them? Make the experience in your blog and let me know about it.

Now… You love what you do (blogging)? I do. Makes me work in what I want and in who I am, writing my thoughts and showing some good thing in life. Keep on writing positiveness and making a great work online. I follow other great bloggers and have learn a lot with them.

I am not, at this time of my life, waiting for any views, since I don’t have a trustful tool in WP for it. Until something appears that I can trust, I don’t mind how many views I will have. I know my loyal readers and followers and I thank them, because I KNOW they are reading this.


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