Smart Home: How to manage your Energy

I love Smart Homes!

It makes you think about the futuristic homes, when in fact the Future is here, alive and everyone wants a piece of it.

My parents home, back in the end of the 90’s, was one of the first smart homes where we used to live, and it costed a fortune to install, worse than that was the problems that it brought with a lot of energy bills appearing and increasing every month.

But here is a couple of tips on how to reduce your Smart Home energy bill.


Have an EMS



EMS stands for Energy Management Software, and is used to control and check where the energy is spent.

Websites with energy tracking software  can be found online and contains all the answers for any doubts you have. You create an account and start controlling your house, or if you’re a landlord, you can add your homes and check the bills of your tenants; or for your business to keep track of the usage. Easy and simple.



Have Smart Gadgets



Smart gadgets are anything that can be controlled either by Connectivity (apps), Bluetooth, FTP or your voice.

Some of those gadgets are:



Plan a Schematic circuit



For example, in my house, I have both Alexa and Google Home. On my living room, I have my Smart TV, Xbox, Playstation, Tivo Box, connected to a smart plug, I have the lights in the living room and dining room planned with names.

I can say by dinner time to Alexa to turn on the TV and Tivo Box and then for her to turn on the dinner lights. If I go to bed, I can say to Alexa Goodbye, and she turn off any lights in the living room plus turn off the tv and the boxes.

By Breakfast, I planned for her to turn a mood light for me to have breakfast, or when I arrive home at a certain time, the lights can turn on so I can see my way to bed.

or even better, when we are travelling, absolutely no one knows we are not inside since I can turn the lights, the Tv or even put music on my several Bluetooth speakers and turn on my camera to see the inside and outside of my home. These are called schematic circuits. You have several Apps, connect every single gadget and voila! You’re in the 22nd century!


Having a Smart Home means being Smart.

Smart energy bills and reducing costs is what makes the Smart home gadgets a fun thing to have, not only for a techy person but also to turn your life better, affordable and being creative.



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