The Sanitary Owl Monthly Subscription Box

This ladies: is a genius box!

For women all over the world, this is one thing you would love to get every month.

Independently of your age, beginner, teen, mother… you have to see this!

This is a genius box that all women should get (guys…go and get this for your ladies!).

What is Sanitary Owl?
Their mission is to ensure that women in the UK have the sanitary protection they need for the times they need it – and they can do this in a light hearted affordable way.

How can it help you?
Their service comes to the rescue of many different types of woman. You may be forgetful and often caught short; your period may be complicated and require many different products; you may need absorbencies that aren’t always available nearby; you may not like buying your tampons from shops; or like so many of our customers, you may just like the idea of never having to think about shopping for your period again.

How does it work?
You choose your favourite brands of tampon and pads, mix and match the absorbencies you need, and add extras like liners, heat pads, painkillers and chocolate. They’ll send you a box every month so that you’re always topped up. You can pause or cancel any time and postage is free!
So basically you get on your mail a box full of goodies (if you add them) and use products for “those days”.

I thought this idea was so cool, not because I work from home and it happen to me several times not having the right things (TMI) because I can be full of work, I can be traveling, but if I were a teenager (not that you as a teen should be ashamed of being a woman) but when I was a teenager I was ashamed and shy about “my things” and this would be brilliant.

Sanitary Owl has a First Period box filled with lots of things and information so you can start with and try, see what your prefer (because we are all different in that sense) and it is such a good way for parents to talk openly with their daughters about a thing that is natural and it shouldn’t be a Tabu or a shame for any woman (in this 21st century, there are some people that think about this… shame on you…).

I made a little Video about it with the unboxing


Sanitary Owl definitely has my Artsmum seal

I do recommend this box for every reason it has and how helpful it is, but also because Sanitary Owl works as a charity helping homeless women with sanitary products. Bravo!

Another thing I recommend is because the Owls are so well treated, and I noticed that no Muggles were harmed in the process. (*cough* HP Nerd *cough*). A butterbeer to that!

See more about Sanitary Owl on their website

Cheerio #sanitaryowl

Thank you to Sanitary Owl
My opinion is honest and unbiased

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