Things I find on the Media: Cool Decor Ideas for a 2 bedroom home

And because this week and I in my decoration mood, why not talking about comfort spaces?

Not the psychological ones… but what would you add to your home that would make it comfy and practical.

See my ideas for today!

I love surfing on the web finding new trends and finding cool and practical ideas to upgrade my home and always have a fresh face room.

While “surfing”  found this cool shop with real furniture (if you know what I mean), like real wood and real design and specially comfortable ambiance.

I felt in love with a bunch of things, and I am now rethinking my home with a lot of things they have on their online shop or if you are more lucky than I am, go to their Studios in the US, Mexico and Canada.

They have a full catalogue of things, like Furniture, lighting, home accessories, Rugs, etc; or simply ask for a tip and they will gladly help you. They can make a 3D rendering of your home/room to help you getting a better idea.

DWR (design within Reach) helped me with some ideas.

For these following images, is for a 2 bedroom flat: 
1 adult bedroom, 1 teenage room, living room, work space and hall entrance.

Give it a look and let me know what do you think. I made a description of the things in the photo, all of them can be found in the DWR website:

Adult Bedroom

A clean and fresh look, minimalist but comfortable with the wooden/earthly touch.

Teenage Bedroom

For a Teenager or Young Adult that know what he wants: organization and bright colours for a good mood and why not a space to record their Youtube videos.

Living Room

I love these colours. The Grey is a very trending colour that was misused throughout the years. Combining colours like yellow, pink in a white ambiance but comfortable with the brown from the wood floor and details. Love this Rug! 


A workspace is always a necessity. Kids need to study and Parents need to work. There is always a solution on finding a space, even if it’s little or is in the same room as in the Living room; details can provide a division of spaces.
In here, the space is divided by the colour of the desk and chair.
The L lamp is simply gorgeous!

Hall Entrance

We all need to have a hall space to leave jackets or shoes. 
Sometimes this can be chaotic. why not use some coat hangers with several hangs for several things?

This 2 bedroom spaces, reflected light and functionality. I love bold colours but sometimes and depending on the house (and the person liking), a more light and airy is needed.

If you would like to see more about DWR please see their website 
(click on the logo)

Would this be a home were you would feel comfortable?

I would!

Cheerio #DecorIdeas

Thank you to DWR and ShoppingLinks

My opinion is honest and unbiased

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