Tips for Making Your Apartment Look Unique

woman decorating a wall

Personalizing your apartment can be a challenge. You have all of these great ideas but don’t have the freedom to make permanent alterations. How do renters customize their space without breaking agreements and earning fines?

The good news is that you don’t have to settle on a boring rental unit. There are plenty of ways to make your apartment look unique while following your lease agreement. Use these tips to design the home of your dreams.


Shop at Unconventional Stores

You can’t deny how useful stores like Amazon and IKEA are for renters. However, finding interesting home decor can be challenging when everything you like is already popular. If you want to design a space that is distinctive to your personality, start shopping at unconventional stores.

Check out thrift stores, estate sales, and smaller furniture chains; you’re less likely to get a stock piece of furniture that everyone else already owns. Utilizing this method for choosing decor makes furniture shopping easier and will satisfy your eclectic tastes.


Diversify Your Decor

If you’re trying to make your apartment look unique, you’re probably purchasing plenty of wall art. Prints are an easy way to decorate your walls, but they aren’t your only option. Diversifying your decor will create an interesting visual appeal special to your space.

Anything can be decor if you use it right. Hanging textiles instead of art prints spices things up by adding texture. You can also use your books, plants, and travel souvenirs to create a unique decorative theme throughout your home.


Do Renter-Friendly Renovations

So, you’ve thrifted furniture and found eye-catching decor; now what? You might think these are your only options in your rental space. However, there are many renovation options to choose from that are easy to do yourself and are completely renter-friendly.

When it comes to decorating your apartment, vinyl will be your best friend. Find wall decals with bold colors and cool patterns to spruce up your wall safely. You can also use peel-and-stick tiles to refresh your floors, kitchen backsplash, and bathroom for a more personalized touch.

Just because you rent your space doesn’t mean you can’t make it a home. Get creative, push your imagination, and use a little elbow grease to bring your vision to life.


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