Top Tips For A Stress-Free Moving Day!

woman with moving boxes

When you are in the midst of planning out a house move, you need to ensure that it’s as stress-free as possible. It’s actually been proven that moving house is one of the most stressful life events to ever occur. It’s not only about the craziness of finding somewhere new to live, but the stress of getting everything ready for it. It’s packing and unpacking and setting up a new house while saying goodbye to an old one. It’s a lot!

You want the whole process to be with as little stress as possible and if you prefer to do things yourself, you might actually find it easier. Being in control of every area of the process can feel much easier than hiring an external moving company, so hiring one of the many Bigman Trailers could be the better option instead. This way, you can be in charge of your house move from packing to moving in, and you will feel calmer because you are the one making all of the moves and decisions.

With this in mind, we’ve got some of the top tips you’ll need to make moving house a much better experience.


Don’t expect too much

You want to ensure that you are going to have an easy day so don’t expect it to be perfect. There will be something that goes wrong and there is also every chance that you could be the reason for a mistake! Things happen, so don’t panic. Brace yourself and expect a little craziness on a moving day, and it’ll be smoother than you think.


Plan, plan and plan some more

You want to have an easy day so book everything as far in advance as possible. Book the trailer hire, buy boxes in advance and make a point of searching early for your new home, too. Your best tool for this to go well is time, and you need to use as much of it as possible to make the actual moving day stress-free.


Get some help

You don’t have to do this move yourself. Moving day can be something you pull your friends and family in to help you with. Just because you’re moving things with a trailer and van doesn’t mean that you can’t get some help in the lifting process. Saying goodbye to your old home isn’t the easiest thing to do so don’t do it alone.


Acknowledge that it won’t be easy

Is it ever easy to leave somewhere you used to live? It’s never simple to say goodbye to somewhere you grew up or spent time in. Anticipate things that can go wrong and make sure that you let everyone know what you want for your day. It’s a transition when you move to a new house, so make a point of talking to others and letting them know how you feel.


Start to build your new home

From the inside out, you are not building a house, you’re building a home. Set up your home and make a point of having it reflect your personality a little better than ever before.


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