Warwick Castle and the Falconer’s Quest

What a Back in Time to the medieval times we had this past weekend!

The Falconer’s Quest was an amazing event surrounded by a beautiful green and the ambience from the Warwick Castle.


Let’s go!

First, let’s talk about their Brand New Live Show:

Falconer’s Quest

The Falconer’s Quest, is a new aerial adventure starring over 70 birds of prey and around 40 of the birds will be in the sky at once.
The Falconer’s Quest promises to be the UK’s largest birds of prey display, bringing to life a riveting storyline with avian acrobatics by the Castle’s flock that includes Red Kites, Bearded Vultures, Eagles, Falcons and an Andean Condor boasting a wingspan of 3.2metres.



Chris O’Donnell, Warwick Castle chief falconer, said: “The Falconer’s Quest showcases the skills of some of the world’s most beloved birds in a thoughtfully choreographed show that, just like a ballet or stage show, tells a gripping story. The cast has been rehearsing well, even with some last-minute cast changes as one of our Barn Owls is now on maternity leave having recently hatched two chicks.”

Melissa Paniccia, head of historical interpretation at Warwick Castle, said: “In medieval times birds were a potent symbol of status and wealth. The Falconer’s Quest weaves together the historical story of falconry with a breathtaking family-friendly aerial spectacle. Featuring entertaining acrobatics aplenty, the show is held in a custom-built amphitheatre highlighting the beautiful Castle grounds and boathouse.”



The Falconer’s Quest is included with general admission to Warwick Castle and tickets start from £19 per person (based on online bookings made a minimum of five days in advance). Visit www.warwick-castle.com to book.

The Falconer’s quest show was amazing, I have to honest and say that I was always trying to grab Richie as any Mama as the birds where huge! But Richie was making friends with all the kids and the kids were having so much fun. The speed of that Falcon was amazing! Did you know that Falcon’s are the speediest bird in the World? they can reach easily 400 km per hour… yes you read right: 400km/h!

It was an amazing show to see, a brilliant story to hear and a wonderful set with an amazing and most professional cast.




About Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle History

Situated in the beautiful town of Warwick, by the side of River Avon, just on the south of Coventry, at the West Midlands. It’s known for the medieval Warwick Castle, founded by William the Conqueror in the year of 1068, but in the Anglo-Saxons Chronicles, Lady Aetheflead, lady of the Mercians and daughter of King Alfred the Great, built the foundations of the castle and city of Warwick in 914.


My Two Knights


Warwick Castle Environment

Warwick Castle contains a lot to do and see. The beautiful ground and river passing by the castle create the background for a well spent day with the family or your loved ones. One of the things you can see on their gardens is their famous peacocks that walk freely on the grounds and is one of the ex-libris of the castle.

Note: bring sunscreen and comfortable shoes as you will walk, climb and have fun visiting all the spots, and maybe enter in a sword battle. No Knight or princess should be without both of them. You have plenty of shadows for a picnic or to chill out a bit, still, you should bring the sunscreen.

Car Park is paid.




What to do at Warwick Castle

At Warwick Castle website, you can find the events prepared for the specific date so keep checking online about them.

We went for the Falconer’s quest, the brand new show they have till the 28th of April and it was really worth it, I am putting all down below about it.


You can see the following activities during your visit to Warwick Castle


  • Horrible Histories Maze: Grab your passport before entering and learn your way in the maze and through the history of the UK through stamps, places and a bunch of fun activities in the middle, but careful not to get lost. Historic stories with the fun notes from the Horrible Histories books (tv show).



  • Time Tower: Climb the tower and learn in different activities inside, how Warwick and Warwick’s castle was built and who has ruled till the actual days.


  • The Princess Tower: I loved this one. Storytelling is something I do at home, as part of being a bookworm and passing that passion to Richie. On the Princess Tower, you will hear and interact with the Princess, Queen or Magician that tells a story, and kids will interact with the characters.



  • Castle Dungeon: this is an extra attraction (paid). The reason is that you have a 360 set gripping tale, scary fun for +10, with gruesome tales and special effects. This walkthrough interactive attraction lasts 50 minutes. Unfortunately, we (parents) couldn’t go as we didn’t have anyone with us to keep Richie. But next time we have to go!


  • Kingmaker: Oh goodness! What a special hidden gem that we almost missed out… almost! You can see and feel how life was at the Warwick Castle in the medieval times with full size wax figures.   To be pretty honest, these are more lively and so much human that the last time I went to Madame Tussauds in London. The amount of realism in the figures are scary! The Kingmaking is really good to explore, but I wouldn’t want to stay there after dark (*begins a plot for a scary movie*). You CAN’T miss this! The figures are NOT alive… again: Not alive, but they are really realistically made.



  • Awesome Interiors: Behind Warwick Castle’s mighty walls, lies the real heart of the Castle with the beautiful grand interiors. Marvel at the magnificent Great Hall, explore the lavish state rooms whilst also experiencing the tranquillity inside the Earl’s private Chapel.


  • Royal Weekend Party: Ever wondered what a weekend spent in Victorian high society would be like? Join the Countess of Warwick and her royal guests for one of her lavish Weekend Parties. In 1898, Frances Countess of Warwick, more affectionately known as Daisy, hosted a weekend party at which the principal guest was the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII. Throughout 12 exquisitely designed rooms that were, in fact, former private apartments, wax figures of the principal attendees stand alongside authentic furniture and furnishings to help bring to life the excitement and scandal that swept through this weekend party. From seeing Daisy trying on her newly commissioned gown to a young Winston Churchill reading a book in the library, Victorian Britain is accurately recreated here.


  • Towers & Ramparts: constituted by the Defensive Towers, the Gatehouse and Barbican, the Gaol, The Guy Tower, the Ceaser Tower and The Bear & Clarence Tower, The Curtain Walls and the Mound, you have a lot to explore and enjoy the view.




Shops and Restaurants

Plenty for you to do your shopping and even get your own Family Crest and more souvenirs, you have 2 main restaurants and plenty of street food places in the garden. The Conservatory is a beautiful place to grab a Tea or Coffee and see the peacocks walking.






Sleeping in Warwick Castle

If you need a place to sleep while visiting the Warwick Castle you can either choose the local village hotels or, and to be honest: Why not stay as a King or Queen and stay at Warwick Castle grounds?


The Lodges:


Images from Alejandra and Warwick Castle


The Sleepover in Warwick Castle Knight’s Village from only £83 per person per night including two days’ Castle entry, overnight accommodation with a hearty breakfast, car parking, exclusive entertainment including sword fighting skills and archery lessons, and more.

Price based on a family of four sharing a Woodland Lodge. But if you want to feel like a Royal, take a look at the Glamping tents with all the comfort! They look amazing!! See on Warwick Castle online for yourself.




Images from Warwick Castle


 Stay in the Real Castle


Images from Warwick Castle



Such a perfect day.

Sunny, warm and filled with History and fun things to do and see. A must travel tip for any family.


Thank you to Warwick Castle for having us. We loved it!

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