5 Big Mistakes to Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Wedding mistakes are all too familiar. But you and your partner can make a pact and prepare to avoid them by reading and taking on board the wedding day tips below.


A Pre-wedding Party

No matter how much your friends tempt you to drink and party the night before you get married, don’t do it! Otherwise, you’ll feel awful, and those precious wedding day moments will slip through your fingers as the day goes by in a haze. 

Instead, ask your maid of honor to arrange your bachelorette party weeks in advance of your wedding. That way, you will have enough time to recover before the ceremony.


Skimping On Eating

Whether forgetting to eat or losing your appetite because of nausea from the nerves and butterflies. Eating something despite the way you’re feeling is essential. And so, make a plan to start your day with a nutritious breakfast, and don’t forget to take time out to sit down and indulge in lunch and dinner too.

Food will give you the energy you’ll need throughout the day to stabilize your mood and blood sugar to ensure you don’t feel faint and worse for wear on one of the most meaningful days of your life.


Not Spending Enough Time With Your New Spouse

With so many guests to say hi and thank you too, it’s easy to lose time spent away from the one person the entire ceremony was for – your other half. 

Take moments when you can to chat and hold hands with your new husband or wife, greet people together, and dance together a lot when the wedding party starts.


Forgetting To Arrange A Photographer

Apart from your memories of the day, you’ll undoubtedly want lots of beautiful wedding photos to look back on, to capture the moments you did and didn’t see. 

Missing out on photo-taking opportunities is often a mistake lots of brides and grooms regret. With many wishing, they had more videos or photos taken of the day. 

Hire a videographer, or ask family and friends if they would mind taking lots of pictures and send them to you, as a wedding gift to you both. 

And to make the most of the stunning images taken, store them in a beautiful wedding album. Or have your favorite snaps enlarged for wall frames you can use in your décor.


Making Beauty Choices On your Big Day

Whether you’re booking a professional to beautify your hair and do your makeup, asking a friend, or choosing to do it all on your own. One crucial mistake to avoid is not to leave this decision until your wedding day.

It may take time and a bit of experimenting before the big day to decide what hairstyle and makeup work well with your look and the dress you’ve chosen.  

Booking appointments before your wedding or practicing at home will help you test out looks before finding something that will mean you feel your best on your wedding day.


Each wedding day is prone to its hiccups.

By being mindful of the most important mistakes to avoid, you can better prepare for your wedding day and to make sure you have an excellent day.


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