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Have you ever had the sense that when you want something on the internet, a service of any kind, you get a lot of spams and scammy situations or dodgy brands/people?

Well that’s internet but when you really need something what do you do?

Everything made online or through an App is always so easy and takes so little time, just a click of a button and that’s it. But are they safe and good? And will they deliver what do you really want or need?

I came across Bidvine Website to hire a family portrait photographer. There are good photographers on the high street, and bad ones as well (been there), and going through the high street asking for prices is not my thing.

Bidvine Website has a range of service made offered by a good range of people and brands, you just need to use your postcode and say what you want, and basically they will send out to the ones that fit your description and then you will get an email and YOU choose the best one, the best price and the one that fits of what YOU want.

But let me show you how it works so you can see for yourself.

Go to Bidvine Website
I entered Photography but a display of service will appear and you can choose. Don’t forget to add you Postcode. Start answering the questions so the service is personalized on what you want.











You can choose the options or add your budget below.
You can choose the options or add your budget below.








Create an account so you can have a dashboard and have a type of internal contact.







This is what you will get in your Dashboard in Bidvine Website – They will now gather all the professionals while you sit comfortably at home.


You will get an email with the project, so the Bidvine team is working for you.


***********Meanwhile you wait – Let’s search the Dashboard*****************

This is your Desktop Dashboard. Here is your account with all your details (that you can modify if you need) or even request more services if you need them. You have a way of communication without having spam on your emails or mobiles.


This is on my Request services – So there is an update on your dashboard.


The Updates for your services


Now you wait for the services to arrive to you.

It can take more or less 5 to 7 days. But it’s worth the wait.

This wait, means it’s not a “machine” answering you, but a real team of professional team getting what you want and deserve. Bidvine is made for people by people.


****************Meanwhile you have the Bidvine App****************

Bidvine is not only for Desktop computers but an App as well for you to be in charge of what you want and keeping updated by the minute.

Easy and practical App to follow through.



Try Bidvine now and let me know what do you think on the comments below.


Alejandra for AM


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