RJ Bedroom: A Boy Tot’s Bedroom

I am on that time in life, thinking about the transition from baby to Toddler.

RJ is now with 16 months, he is a very tall toddler, tall as in wearing (clothes and shoes) for a 3 year old, but still a baby.

He is still sleeps in his Cot, but he now occupies the whole Cot length and I am now searching for a bed, as in a little boy (*snif*).

RJ bedroom is a very small room and that kind of challenge makes me grin since I am used to tiny spaces (and seriously more fun to “Tetris” things out).

We (parents) decided for a white bedroom since we planned some things from even before RJ was born. Do you know that one of the successful rules for a baby to sleep calm and quietly in his bedroom alone and the whole night was to keep the walls bare? No toys, no shelf’s, no wallpaper and definitely no decals? the usually get scared or simply won’t focus on sleeping. for us worked wonderfully and we are in a restless mode since we are not very fond of white bared walls but we want RJ to continue to sleep like he had since he was 1 month old.

In his bedroom he has minimal things, baby proof. The toys are all in the Living room where he plays, making the bedroom the place of calm and quiet to sleep (at least for now as a “toddler in training”).

The Cot is now beginning to be small
He has a Claessen Kids Sleep Moon Clock in the wall hanged in front of him that makes sounds and lights, if needed.

Baby plate

This Clock has 2 different front plates, one for baby and one for toddler/Children. the Baby plate represents the calmness and the child plate is divided into night and day and it will be for when he is older and needs to know when to get up and when to go to bed.

Toddler/Children Plate

It brings different calming sounds, including the beating heart to imitate the mothers heart sound they hear in the womb but they have lullabies as well.

See Claessen Kids

He has some of his books and to “read” his books he has this beautiful bean bag from Teenie Beanies with RJ name and “Charlie” (yes we give names to everything) the Dinosaur! Well made, well sewn, nice brand to account for and very professional. I love Teenie Beanies!

How cute is this bean bag, specially made for my son! But RJ loves his dinosaurs (since he really has a little baby…don’t know why the fixation).
This bean bag is for his size, there are more sizes, colors and animals.

I love Charlie the Dinosaur
See Teenie Beanies website

One of the things I cannot live right now: The Cushy Closer!
Yes RJ sleeps very well, but if you close the door of his bedroom he will sleep even more. He really will be those teenagers that sleep a lot. 
A Cushy closer is secure and a must have for your house. Can be used in any door on any place of the house and it’s fashion. You can choose the pattern to match your house decor.

It’s secure because it won’t let the door close and so no fingers will be bruised, and by closing the door in RJ bedroom, it won’t close the door… it will leave a gap.

See more of Cushy Closer 

As for safety (and parents know what what I am talking about) of drawers! 
I found these on Ebay, really cheap like 10 for £3. Easy to use and resistant. So fingers won’t get stuck while opening or closing the drawers (the so called Toddler nosiness aka the need to see everything everywhere whenever they want!)

I am still figuring out where to add these:

Very simple to make: On IKEA, on the mirrors and frames area, you can find these frames. Think of how many you would like and what to add.
At home, go online and search for those cartoons that your child likes to see, so it can a friendly and familiar face he likes.
Save the pictures and make sure that when you print it, it has good quality.


Some of gathered ideas for a (near) future to start constructing a Toddler/child bedroom, fun but easy to clean (oh yeah) are these ones:
– I absolutely ADORE this bedroom… But for this bunk bed maybe a brother/sister is needed? (*wink wink*)

The whole bedroom set

The “tree house” bunk bed


Chest of  Drawers

See more Hector and Queen

Thank you to Hector and Queen for letting me use their photos of their wonderful design

– Or these Ikea Ideas that they kindly helped me to get

Thank you to IKEA UK

How was your transition from baby bedroom to toddler?

Cheerio #decor #lifestyle

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