Lonely Planet Food: The World’s Best Superfoods and Spicy Recipes

Delicious recipes from around the world with star ingredients to support your health and wellbeing

The World’s Best SuperFoods

Dive into the world of superfoods with the latest title from Lonely Planet Food.

The World’s Best Superfoods features 66 delicious recipes from 45 countries around the globe, all containing star ingredients recognised for their health-boosting properties.

The World’s Best Superfoods provides the lowdown on recognised superfood groups, looks into their history and potential health benefits, and unearths some of the most authentic dishes from around the globe in which they’re contained.

Be transported to the centuries-old fishing community of Klädesholmen, the “herring capital” of Sweden, to experience inlagd sill (pickled herring); queue at a street-food shack in Delhi for a bowl of comforting mung tarka dhal; and wander the markets of Mexico for a taste of Alegría – cheerful bars made of honey and amaranth, and a mainstay of Mexican snacking.

Learn to create firm favourites from around the world, such as:

  • Sesame-rich Tahini from the Middle East
  • Fruit and vegetable-laden Gazpacho from Spain
  • Vietnam’s breakfast of champions: Pho.

Try your hand at cooking some of the world’s lesser-known delights:

  • Mas huni – a spicy Maldivian seafood salad with all the goodness of the Indian Ocean distilled into a brunch
  • Charoset – a revitalising fruit paste from Israel
  • Reindeer stew with lingonberries – Finland’s traditional hunger-buster that features, arguably, the world’s most nutritious red meat.

Plus, quench your thirst with:

  • Raw cacao hot chocolate from Mexico
  • Matcha green tea from Japan
  • Spirulina smoothie from New Zealand.

Accompanied by Lonely Planet’s expert destination knowledge, the origins behind each recipe and beautiful photography, The World’s Best Superfoods provides everything you need to recreate these delicious recipes in your own kitchen.

The World’s Best Spicy Food

Also launched this month is Lonely Planet’s second edition of The World’s Best Spicy Food – refreshed with new recipes and presented in a smaller, more practical format. The World’s Best Spicy Food presents 100 authentic recipes that deliver the world’s most taste bud-tingling flavours direct to your kitchen.

Explore the culture behind the planet’s spiciest dishes, from Sichuan hotpots and Malaysian laksas to tangy Mexican salads.

Each spicy delicacy has two dedicated pages detailing the history and culture behind the food, plus the recipe to make the dish yourself.

The World’s Best Spicy Food includes a foreword from internationally renowned foodie, Tom Parker-Bowles, and serves up surprising and exciting dishes which are loved by locals and travellers alike.

The World’s Best Spicy Food is a celebration of fiery food in all its guises: from the pungent nose-clearing honk of wasabi to the warming allure of cinnamon and mace.

Thank you to Lonely Planet UK

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