Eco Makeup Tools Cleaning Solution

Cosmetics are enormous industries nowadays and we are swarmed with all kinds of makeup brands, different kinds of makeup, different tools to apply our makeup with and even products to clean our makeup tools with.

If your life is richer and better with the use of makeup, and it seems like more and more people are turning to the use of makeup not only as a way to hide their little imperfections but also as a way to enhance their good features (which is the original idea of makeup and cosmetics) and they use it as a way to express themselves.

There are new ideas and trends in makeup daily and many people try and keep up with the latest products and the latest trends on how to apply your makeup and create certain looks.

If you are a makeup aficionado you must also know what a struggle it is to keep your makeup tools clean. As you acquire a large number of products (foundations, eye shadows, eye and lip pencils, lipsticks, blushes, etc.) you also acquire a number of tools – brushes, sponges, etc. to use for your different types of makeup.

The purpose of all cosmetics is to make us look and feel prettier and more confident in our looks but sometimes things can go the other way. When and how this happens? No, not by wrongly applying your makeup (well, that too) but also by not cleaning your makeup tools regularly enough.

Dirty sponges and brushes can become hosts of a great number of bacteria and germs, and also dead skin cells and old makeup. I would recommend cleaning your brushes and sponges at least once a week, just to be sure that everything is great or if you do not want to do this every week, do it twice a month.

And how to achieve great cleaning results without having to spend money on expensive and even not so efficient cleaning products is:

Make your own eco-friendly cleanser. It might sound a little out there but it is very easy and very safe for your brushes and your face. It does not take much of your time or ingredients. All you need is olive oil, an essential oil, you could also use mild liquid soap, they are safe, and white vinegar but it is optional.

What you should do is either mix the ingredients and make your own cleaning solution or use them one by one. Mix in a small bowl or plate some liquid dish soap (not much) and add olive oil (less than the dish soap), if you have tea tree essential oil add 2-3 drops in the mixture for disinfecting and if not the vinegar will later do the same job.

Get your brushes and swirl them with circular motion in the soap-olive oil mixture gently so you would not damage the bristles or the handles. Do this for each of your brushes. You will actually be able to see how the makeup and other dirt are falling from your brush. When you think it has been enough and the brushes are clean, you are ready to rinse them with warm water. Then in another small bowl or cup put some white vinegar and rinse your brushes so that the olive oil disappears. After your brushes feel like they are free from the oil, rinse the vinegar from them under running lukewarm water.

And there you go! Your makeup brushes are clean and safe to use again. Dirty makeup brushes can cause bacteria to settle on your face and get breakouts.
Save yourself such troubles, clean your makeup tools regularly with this eco and easy cleaning solution.

As far as makeup sponges go, all you need to do is get them a bit wet and use liquid or solid hand soap to wash them with. And rinse. Makeup will fall off easily with warm water and some soap suds.

Guest Post by Demi Giles


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