Fun exercises you and your kids can do together

A dad playing on the beach with his kids during a gorgeous sunset.

How often do you catch your kids in front of their computers or TVs? It is safe to say that it probably happens more often than it should.

Let’s be realistic, you will not be able to separate your kids completely from such activities, but you should certainly try to make some changes. A great way to distract them from such activities is to work out with your kids.

There are many fun exercises and hobbies that you can do with your kids. Get them going while they are young and instill in them healthy habits. Not all boys and girls will be professional athletes. Still, they should all be in the habit of being active.


Enough with excuses

Naturally, all parents are extremely busy all day long. Especially working parents. While taking care of the kids, going to work, and taking care of your home, you will feel like there is no time to exercise whatsoever.

You can’t even find the time to exercise on your own, let alone with your kids. Well, that point of view is your first mistake. You shouldn’t try to find the time to get away from your kids so you can get in a workout. On the contrary, try fitting your kids into your workouts. Here is how you can exercise with your family.


A cute little boy touching a paper heart.
There are many beneficial activities kids can do that do not involve exercise. Yet, you should aim to provide your kids with at least an hour of exercise a day.


Fun exercises and activities to do with your kiddos

Before we dive into all the activities that you can do with your kids, you should know one important thing – when trying to be active, you don’t necessarily need to do exercises.

All you need to do is participate in activities in which you and your kids will be active and on the move. Particularly, you should make the most of summer, while we still have a few hot weeks left to enjoy.


  • Family walks

Find a time during the day when you can take your kids on a nice walk. For instance, a pre or post-dinner walk is a great way to be moderately active. This is a great idea for so many reasons.

Working parents are usually home by dinner time so they can participate in this activity. This way you will have some much-needed bonding with your kids. At the same time, you will get your exercise and even have a chance to connect with nature. It will be a win for you in many ways.


A mom enjoying her favorite fun exercise - walking with her little one.
Walking is a great exercise that you can do in every season. Let your kids connect with nature.


  • Get your groove on and hit the dance floor

There aren’t many fun activities that are more entertaining and enjoyable than dancing. At the same time, it is a great way to get moving and even shed some extra weight without even noticing it.

Of course, you can join a mommy and baby Zumba class, but you can also do this in the comfort of your living room. Move some furniture around, invite your closest friends and their kids, and get ready to boogie.


  • Aerobic classes for adults and kids

We all know that aerobic has many benefits. There are many exercises that fall into this group. Running, dancing, skiing, aerobic classes, and much more can be factored into this group. Make aerobic exercises your go-to activity during the weekends. Every weekend you can choose an exercise and have your entire family participate.

For instance, you can take your family on a beautiful hike next weekend. If the weather is bad and you cannot go outside, you can always hit the gym. Many gyms provide aerobic classes during the weekends that are kid friendly. So, use this opportunity and get in a gym workout while spending time with your little ones.


  • Chores around the house

Since we are focused on fun exercises, this one can be a bit tricky. Younger kids can be sold on doing chores around the house as fun activities. However, this is a bit harder when it comes to older kids.

Thus, if you are trying to get teenagers to get moving, this might not be your best bet, because chores will not be fun for them. On the other hand, your kids will most likely enjoy activities that they see mommy and daddy doing.

For example, get a decluttering project going. This is an activity that you can easily include your kids in. You will be moving a lot while also doing something practical. If your kids need an incentive, promise them a trip to the ice cream shop for a job well done.


Kids playing tug of war in nature.
Tug of war is a fun game that kids can play when there is a larger crowd. You can keep things fun while being competitive.


  • Concrete exercises for the entire family

Some exercises are considered to be fun, while others might be hard for some. Yet, it all depends on your personal outlook on exercising and staying fit.

While some families find it fun to just walk, hike, and dance, others might find it fun to put in some serious gym time. If you can’t make it to the gym, no worries. There are plenty of fun exercises that you can do at home. Many do not even require special equipment.

Apps can help you with your routine if you want to have a virtual coach for your workouts. Here are some exercises that you can do when at home with your kids:

  • Squats
  • Bear crawls
  • Jumping jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Burpees


  • Keep it fun and exciting

What is exciting for some families might be extremely boring for others. Therefore, it is very important to find what floats your and your family’s boat. Once you manage to find what you like, keep up with it. It is important to make a habit of it.

Even if you cannot make the full recommended hour of exercise, you should still make an effort. In the end, every minute of exercise counts for something. So, which one of our fun exercises will be next on your family agenda?



Article by Sally Norton

Sally is a member of the Alejandra’s Life Family Team of Writers.


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