Getting outdoors on this Spring

What a wonderful time is approaching right? Spring and Summer means good weather (hopefully), weekends with the family in either picnics or Bbqs or anything outdoor really.

Getting fresh air and having fun.

I love hiking, the fact is that my little one NOW is being more able to accompany me on walks and strolls.

I like to go through woods or climbing hills, I miss that hobby that I used to do before getting pregnant, and hopefully I’ll start again now with an excellent company.

Also if I go to the park with Rj I will take them and have fun with him – every mum knows how tired are feet get running after them – and these boots have helped because they are impact absorber.

I got these Walking Boots, the model is Theodora and I cannot say how great they are and so comfortable.

Great for climbing or any type of terrain, made with breathable interior fabric, goes to the ankle, giving a better support in your activities; the outside of the boot is in leather and the sole is in rubber but with a good grip which will protect you against falls and slips. Trespass innovative Tres-tex technology, helps to repel water, providing an extra protection against dampness.

I was reading on the Trespass website and they have a great article about the difference between Hiking Boots and Trail runners, which is really worth a read if you are in doubt on what to buy and what’s best for you, the the Article Hiking Boots vs Trail Runners. Is a really interesting article to read and have a little more knowledge, becuase wearing the wrong shoes can make a difference!

So what are doing this Spring/Summer and what outdoor activities are you planning to?

I love my boots and had so much fun on this Easter with them, just check them out!


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