How the Right Lighting Can Make Your Home Appear Luxurious

You can have the prettiest house on the block but unless it is well lit after dark both from the inside and the outside, all your effort will go to waste without the right lighting.

There are various factors you need to account for when setting up the lighting in your house, from the total budget to the style and function of each lamp. Only then will you be able to create a light show that will make your home appear luxurious.


Measure twice, light up once

Before you are ready to screw in the smallest of lightbulbs, like the one in the basement, you should make all the necessary measurements. The reason behind these precise measurements is to adjust the size, position, and brightness of the light fixture to the room they will be placed in.

The light fixture in the kitchen should be placed overhead the island and the counter to shine on the surface that needs strong light the most. When you’re preparing dinner and holding a kitchen knife in your hand, the last thing you want is to not be able to see what you are cutting. In addition, such lights will accentuate certain parts of the room, making it more luxurious than it really is.


ceiling lamp with rounded bulbs
Measure and check the place you need your new light.


Use statement lights

When the rooms were being decorated, you had to pick a colour theme for the entire house, as well as each individual room. The same principle applies to light, as different rooms will have different statement lights.

For example, the entry hall can have a state of the art chandelier or a pendant that would make the smallest of halls look luxurious and stately. In this sense, playing with light will make rooms bigger or smaller in size. The remaining light fixtures would then boost the effect a statement light fixture has.


How much will it all cost?

Although it’s true that light fixtures don’t cost as much as other home budget costs, you still need to invest in lighting. In order to save tens and hundreds of dollars, decide how much lighting you need and what the wattage is.

You’ll need a lot of lightbulbs, especially if you intend on adding a chandelier to the living room, so taking care of the costs is a wise move.

There are many places online with sales and discounted light fixtures, out of the season discounts, and even sales only for online products worth checking, There are also places with coupons that you can use to reduce your budget just like, which you can use on your favourite products and in this way relieve your budget while getting the perfect light fixture.


old wooden bedroom
From time to time, is always best to redecorate your lamps. Check sales and discounts for that.


Each room is different

Since each room has a particular function, some areas should naturally be more ambient, while other rooms are more task-oriented, such as the study of a home office in the living room.

On the other hand, the bedroom would do well with accent lighting, because this is where you relax and sleep during the night (and occasionally nap in the daytime). As stated before, the kitchen requires functional lighting before anything else.


Professional installation and repairs

Since you’re the owner of your estate, you get to choose the light fixtures you like but installing them requires professional help. Look up a local electrician and ring them up to install a light fixture you have just bought. As an example, a typical electrician from Sparkys NOW is available 24/7 so they can come whenever you need it.

What is more, hiring a professional electrician ensures the light fixtures will be connected to the electrical grid a safe way, so you won’t have to worry about a house fire. Of course, you can screw a light bulb on your own but anything more complex than that requires professional assistance.



Gray Manor Hotel
Invest in efficient bulbs for your lamps.


Multipurpose lights that save money and energy

Apart from decorative lighting, architectural lighting is very much welcome in your home. It includes dimmers, recessed light fixtures, wall plates, and controls. These multipurpose lights are digital in nature, so they are charged using an external charger, helping you reduce energy bills.

For instance, sophisticated wall controls have built-in energy consumption regulators that use electricity efficiently. In addition, they are used for powering mobile devices, such as your laptop, smartphone, and even a toy drone.


Design your own light fixtures

Once you are certain that a light fixture is safe to use, that it is eco-friendly and that it is positioned perfectly, you are ready to turn your attention to the design of the piece.

There are no useful tips, as the design you choose solely depends on your own preferences. However, a general rule is that the lighting pieces should match the rest of the interior or exterior décor of the house.


Use new lighting technologies

We live in a world where LED lights reign supreme. They are more energy-efficient than old incandescent lights, and they emit less warmth, so they are safer to use.

Best of all, modern LED lights come with dimming options, so you can use a single smart light bulb to turn every room into a club.


old vintage lamp
while a vintage lamp can be cool, consider a good and efficient lamp.


Light from below

Wall lamps and floor lamps keep the eye moving, as they highlight a specific part of the room you want to accentuate, such as a wall full of artwork. Placing multiple floor lamps throughout the house and using them as main light sources in every room will turn the design of the house upside down, quite literally.

The end goal is to create a sense of warmth and at the same time complement space’s natural light sources that the Moon or the Sun normally shine on.


All the considerations listed above have one thing in common: their application makes your home luxurious. Chandeliers, floor lights, and LEDs are something you can see in every villa and five-star hotel in the world; why should your home be deprived of such luxury.


Article by Ron Wolf

Ron is part of Alejandra’s Life Family Team.


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