Bullying in Blogging

In a world where everyone is in constant anger and the hatred is incentivated, believe it or not, the adults are the responsible for bullying. Teenagers or even children that bully others have their background on their homes. 
Sometimes parents don’t know that even the fact of not caring for their children problems, or the way they answer to them is the beginning of some troubled character.

When I was in school, there were some “muppets” that tried to bully me because I used glasses or I was chubby… what they didn’t know (for a couple of minutes at least) is that I was in Martial Arts and would take care of things my way….but I would only take care after the bullying so I could show them that their consequences would hurt and law exists.

Violence is never, specially the physical (since I suffered from that) is never an answer, but I think we all agree, that every one should have 2 kinds of classes obliged in school: Civil behaviour and self defense – And everyone should pass a 100%.

The fact that I say that I would take care of things my way with Martial Arts or with Kickboxing, is that saved my life once or twice: from being raped by a boyfriend. It saved me from that and specially from having a low self-esteem and having a trauma for the rest of my life and so on. It made me stronger, I realized I could actually defend myself and specially could protect others and not be a victim… never the victim. Darn I can kick some real butt but as well have the responsability of not being a bully to others… 
Final word: be responsible

I am not in any way saying you should go to martial arts to kick butts, No! I want you to learn common sense and defend yourself in a moment of extreme situation.

I am a zen person, normally no one messes with me, but if someone messes with my family or friends, you will see me erupting… then you run 🙂

Now that I am an adult, I am a great defender of the Anti-Bullying movement.
And you know what I notice in social media? 
Bullying… by adults, especially from Bloggers.

And I ask why? Why do you do that: being rude, saying badly about who writes or what photo was taken, being childish? I think: Haters gonna hate, you say bad but still you were there reading and giving traffic??
What I say to you is: You’re a coward being sited behind a tablet or a mobile.

This did not happen to me. This happend to another blogger friend of mine, a parent blogger explaining some tips that she gathered with her experience on her children… her life, her tips, her Blog!

Blogging for some if a way of talking their sorrows and problems, or funny stuff; For others, we get it, it’s a job.
1- If you behave like that in a job you will be fired
2 – If you behave like that in real life you will be forever alone (karma people)

Another thing, which was happening and that’s what I decided to post this:
If you have money to buy gadgets to take pictures of high quality and be a celebrity… I am glad you can afford it…now go on with your life…

Some people don’t think the power is on the pictures, or the videos on youtube… Some people prefer to show the reality of things with what they write and what they can afford or have. Be themselves. Not being fake.

Show some respect people!
Look at the world around you and do something for you: which is give respect to gain some respect and RESPECT the diversity of people, cultures and opinions.

If you don’t like, don’t say bad, simply continue your life and check other things.

Because Karma exists and you are not perfect, no one is perfect, and one day it can be you… and since you don’t give yourself to respect…no one will ever defend you and you will be bullied.
Because the best remedy to take down a bully is demonstrating them that in reality they are cowards.

Cheerio #respect #NOtoBullying

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