Planning Stages For The Perfect Marriage Proposal

Before you pluck up the courage to make your marriage proposal, it’s important to do a little bit of planning first. 

This will ensure things go as smoothly as possible with fewer chances of anything going wrong when you’re finally ready to ask that all-important question. 

So, if you can relate to these signs that it’s time to get married, here are the planning stages for the perfect marriage proposal. 


#1: Plan for the perfect location

Where should you pop the question? In theory, you could do it almost anywhere but there is a chance that things could go wrong if you make a hasty decision. If your partner wouldn’t appreciate a lot of onlookers, you shouldn’t choose a place that is guaranteed to be busy with tourists, for example. 

It’s often a good idea to choose a location that has some significance for both of you. It could be the place you shared your first kiss, for example, as that would add to the romance of the moment. It’s also a good idea to scout out the location first so you can pick the very best spot to make the proposal. There are some ideas in this article on choosing where to propose, so take a look and consider what might be right for your situation. 


#2: Plan to get the best ring

Best doesn’t always equate to the most expensive, so don’t assume you have to bankrupt yourself! However, you do need to get the ring that your partner will appreciate, so don’t rush this part of the decision making process. Take a look at the jewellery they wear in their everyday life for inspiration and perhaps ask their friends and family for ideas (remember to ask them to keep the proposal a secret, of course). 

Consider the meaning of the ring your partner might wear too. Some have very special meaning, such as the traditional ring of Claddagh which symbolises love, loyalty, and friendship. There might be a particular style of ring that has special significance for your loved one, so do what you can to discover what that might be. 

Lastly, remember the ring size. It’s a good idea to find a ring your partner wears regularly as you will then be able to take it to a jewellers to ensure you get the right-sized ring to match. 


#3: Plan the style of the marriage proposal

Will you go the traditional route and get down on one knee? Or will you present the ring to your partner in a more surprising way? You might hide it in their dessert when you’re having a romantic meal together, for example, although you will need to make sure they don’t swallow the ring before you get the chance to make your proposal!

There are lots more proposal ideas here, so have a look and choose the style that you think will be right for the special person in your life. 


There’s a lot that goes into a marriage proposal, so do take your time. Of course, despite our title, it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you’re madly in love with one another, it probably doesn’t matter if not everything goes to plan. Still, you do need to make it memorable, so consider our suggestions to ensure that long-awaited moment goes well for both of you. 


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