Promoting Your Brand In Today’s Digital World

It is common knowledge that brand visibility and awareness is crucial to your company’s success in the digital age. According to media agency UM, 76% of UK consumers research or take inspiration online before they commit to patronizing businesses.

As such, you must explore many ways to put your business out there and connect with customers. If you’re looking for effective ways to increase your business’ brand awareness and visibility, then take a look at these useful tips below.



Hire a digital marketer

Many business experts advise that effective digital marketing campaigns are crucial to your brand visibility and awareness nowadays. As such, prioritize digital marketing as one of your brand promotion tactics for the best results.

A digital marketer ensures that your business stays on top of the latest trends. Unless your career is digital marketing, you are most likely going to miss algorithm updates and new digital marketing tactics, so outsourcing is the best option to leave your business in expert hands. 

Additionally, your focus remains undivided on growth instead of day-to-day digital marketing management. Working with a digital marketer also gives you objectivity because you get an unbiased third-eye assessment of your strategies and how best you can improve your business operations.

Reputable digital marketing agencies like Herdl exist to cater for a wide range of digital marketing needs for modern business. So don’t hesitate to reach out and find solutions that give your company an edge in this digital age.



Consider influencer marketing

Influencer marketing does wonders for several businesses today, so try it for your brand to increase visibility and awareness. Influencers are people through which you can access your target audience. They have garnered a following through fame and reputation, and so leveraging their influence can drive your customer engagement numbers up.

Influencers help your business by lending it their credibility. This credibility builds your business’ social proof, and with the influencer’s endorsement, others are likely to patronize your company. 

Influencer marketing can also provide access to new clients because even people outside your targeted audience can see your products and services. A reported 80% of marketers attest to influencer marketing’s efficacy. Therefore, don’t hesitate to connect with influencers with relevant audiences to promote your business and benefit from better lead generation and increased sales.



Brand your links 

Creating online brand awareness and visibility requires that you give your business something unique to distinguish it from the competition. One excellent way of doing this is through branded links or vanity URLs for your business website.

Vanity URLs are custom domains for a specific page on your website, specially branded for marketing purposes. These links are typically short, easy to use, and shareable. It would help if the resulting branded link were also memorable, easy to pronounce, and without infringements to other brands.  

Experts advise that your vanity URL contains your brand’s name or a relevant keyword.  For example, if your sales page is the most visited part of your website, you can create a branded link for that page to share on social media. Vanity URLs are social media-friendly because they are shorter. Also, these links are easier to remember, helping people to access your website’s most essential pages quickly.

Therefore, consider branded links to encourage more straightforward access to your company’s website and promote awareness.



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