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An office that needs a makeover

The New Year often comes with the urge to change the space we spend most of the time in. Apart from our living area, this often includes the office. Whether it’s at home or somewhere else, your office needs to be the space where you can do your job the best way possible. It needs to be inspiring, make you more creative and positive, and be the space where you’ll enjoy your time. So, if your current office space is not like that, or you simply need a change – it’s time for a makeover. Here are some office makeover ideas you will love and enjoy turning into reality.


Before you start…

Make sure you have a rough idea of what you want to do with the place. The first thing is to decide what’s appropriate to do. Surely, if you work from home, you can go for any style and idea you find inspiring. However, if you work from an office with other colleagues, you might have to adjust your makeover ideas to look professional and fit in with the rest of the office space. Also, if you’re doing the makeover of the whole office space, make sure it reflects the company’s ideas and style.

Furthermore, be sure to know the budget for this project. Even though makeovers aren’t necessarily expensive, don’t spend more than you should and regret it later. Make a plan and stick to it!

A plan of an office makeover
Make a plan for an office makeover.


Make the space unique

The first tip for an office makeover is to bring uniqueness to the space. Don’t let your office look like any other to make sure you and your coworkers feel as you belong there. This means bringing the company’s colors, ideas, and goals into the décor. For example, try to incorporate the company’s colors into the space – combine them with neutrals when painting the walls. Make sure the space reflects the spirit of the business and becomes a unique place for everyone’s ideas and goals.

Remember: if you haven’t picked the main colors yet, research tones suitable for work. Don’t underestimate the power of the right color palette, as it can set the tone and boost productivity and focus.

Color palettes
Colors are important for both living and working spaces.


Create an interesting gallery wall

There’s another way you can use the company’s colors for the office makeover. Pick picture frames in those colors and use them to create a gallery wall. However, don’t use random art or photos you find online. Print the pictures of your coworkers – ones you’ve made at Christmas parties, team-building events, birthdays, and other mutual gatherings. Ensure this wall reminds everyone of the good times you have had at work.

A gallery wall
A unique gallery wall can be an interesting addition to your office space.


Bring nature inside

We usually think of desks, LED lights, computers, and other gadgets when we think of an office. However, the global pandemic has reminded us how much we need nature. So why don’t you bring it to the office? Transform your office by using plants, natural elements such as wood and stone and try to ‘mask’ all the technology with the natural pieces. It will surely refresh the space and make it more productive for everyone.

If the space is unsuitable for plants – opt for fake ones or plants that can handle less light and care.


Maximize natural light

Just like plants, humans need natural light to survive. So maybe one of the office makeover projects can be adding as many natural light sources as possible. Remove all the light blockers, move the big furniture away from your windows and maximize the natural light. This will ensure you feel good inside and make the new furniture and décor look better!


Get rid of clutter

Office makeovers are not only about décor. They are also about office decluttering – making the space more efficient and creating a healthier environment for the people who spend time there. One of the tasks in your makeover should be to get rid of all the junk – remove everything that makes the space smaller, messier, and less productive. Old documents that are no longer necessary should either be recycled or digitalized. Unused or broken gadgets, pens that don’t work, etc. – throw away everything or sell the items you no longer need.


Create a relaxing area

If the space allows it, try to divide the room where everyone works from the one where they can relax. Add a cool coffee machine, a few lazy bags, unique, bright-colored pillows, and let everyone know that taking a break is vital for maximum productivity.


Makeover or moving into a new space?

Evaluate the space before you go into any big projects. Taking a closer look can help you realize your current workspace is not worth redoing. Sometimes, finding a new office is the best solution. The relocation process is not something you should worry about if you have someone professional to rely on. The experts from recommend researching the moving companies well before making a decision.

It is essential to trust your office items to a team that has experience with commercial moves, so you can be sure everything is safe.

Take your time with such a decision. Even though moving into a new office may seem challenging, it can be smooth if you’re well-organized. However, this move needs to make sense. Choose a better location, more spacious office, etc. Start making plans in advance and see if moving is a better option than an office makeover.



Article by Sally Norton

Sally is a proud member of Alejandra’s Life team

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