Tips for Decluttering your Home Stress-Free

There’s nothing better than a clean and tidy home. However, with so many things to do in our lives, we rarely get the opportunity to clean up the way we’d like. So, we end up with a cluttered living space which is full of things we neither need nor know what to do with.

If this has happened to you one too many times, it’s time for a change. Achieve your perfect apartment arrangement by getting rid of some of your things. Learn the best ways of decluttering your home stress-free and in a short period of time.

Check out our advice on how to do this and have fun while you’re at it.


Start on time

The best way to clean up your place is to start as early as you can. Unfortunately, not all of us have a lot of time, but don’t let this discourage you. You don’t need to do a lot of work early on.

Just make a list of what you don’t need or think you might not need in the near future. Then, start sorting. These don’t have to be big things and you don’t need to do everything in one day! Just keep in mind what’s going and what’s staying with you.


For maximum effect, start on time


Make a plan…

Plan what you’re going to get rid of when you’re preparing to remove some clutter from your home. Your plan should have three groups of items:

* Items you’re keeping – even though you’re decluttering your home, you might still want to keep your most cherished or useful possessions.

* Belongings you’re getting rid of – the main reason you’re decluttering in the first place.

* Items you’re not sure what to do with – those few items you wouldn’t want to throw away but you’re not sure about keeping.

Make sure you put everything on the list and act accordingly. Whether it’s that old couch, or a bunch of games you used to play but don’t anymore, you’ll need to write it all down.

…and take it easy

After you’ve made a plan of what is going to go when you start decluttering, don’t rush straight into it. Don’t think you can handle your entire home in one day! This is not only how accidents happen but you can also forget something in the rush. Give yourself enough time to do the job right. You can go room by room or figure out which ways of decluttering work best for you, but don’t overdo it!


Clean first

Cleaning is something you should definitely do before you start decluttering and after you’re done with it. Keeping a healthy living environment is extremely important. While moving your stuff around, you’ll kick up a lot of dust. This is why you should do a quick cleanup before you start. This will minimize the dust being kicked up. Make sure you use a proper skin cream for protecting your skin when you’re cleaning. Dust can really make your hands dry.

A more thorough clean will be needed after you’re done decluttering. This is when you should go all out with cleaning. Your place will look bigger and tidier without all that clutter, but it will all be for naught if it’s dirty.


Make sure you protect your skin when cleaning.



What to do with your things?


The first and the best option is to sell the things you don’t need. Organize a yard sale and call all your neighbors. Remember, you’re not trying to make a ton of money but get rid of things, the cash is just a bonus. So, make sure your items are not priced too highly.

In addition to this, you could try to pawn your stuff or call the American Pickers and sell it to them. Also, try to sell your old things at restoration shops. Some of them might want to buy things you don’t need and try to make some money off them.



If you can’t sell all your items when decluttering a home, you should consider donating them. You’ll probably have a ton of old clothes which no one will want to buy at a yard sale. You can always donate this to a church or a charity or to anyone you think needs it.


Put in storage

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re going to need something, you can always put it in storage when decluttering your home. Just make sure you use packing materials for storing your items. Good packing materials can protect your belongings so you can use them later.

Finally, if all else fails, you should throw your things away. Just make sure you dispose of them properly. Recycle what’s recyclable and correctly dispose of everything else.


Decluttering your home-stress free with your kids

This seems like an impossible task, but there may be a way around it! We all know how kids can get cagey when we ask them to throw away some of their favorite things. This is why you should include them in the decluttering process.

Ask for their help with the cleaning, sorting and making a list of what goes and what doesn’t. This will make them feel included and they will actually help, instead of just making things more difficult. If they don’t want to throw away old toys or blankets, you can show your kids that you’re getting rid of some stuff, too.


Get your kids to help.


Finally, you can get your kids to help you clean everything. Pretend this is a game, if your kids are very young, and if they are a bit older, you can always try to bribe them. Offering them something in exchange for their help isn’t a bad idea, but it can easily go wrong.

So, the best way to get them to help with decluttering your home is to ask them to do it instead of something else. For example, instead of them spending money on an expensive father’s day gift, you can ask them to clean up.

This will save money and get them to help you, which is much better than some paperweight or a personalized pen.



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