Tips for Helping your Teenager Deal with a Major Relocation

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By Sally Norton


When they need to move, a great majority of people focus intensively on planning each and every step of the relocation process carefully and in detail.

Providing packing supplies, packing the items, finding reliable and professional movers are only some of the numerous tasks these people need to conduct successfully.

However, a very sensitive issue emerges the moment we share the news of the relocation with our kids. How can we help them deal with this change more easily and stress-free? How can we help them when starting a new school in a new city?

Teenagers tend to be particularly sensitive about this and yet it is very difficult to get through to them. Hence, here are some tips for helping your teenager deal with a major relocation.


Keep a cool head

You may not be well aware of it, but your negative feelings may easily pass to other members of your family. When facing the upcoming relocation, it is of utmost importance to keep a cool head and remain positive about the whole event.


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Keep a cool head and be positive about the upcoming move.


Helping your teenager deal with a major relocation will require a lot of patience and understanding on your side. Be supportive and give your best to identify the most effective strategies to help your child deal with all the mental struggles he or she might be experiencing.

Remember that heartache and reluctance to move are normal reactions to these new life circumstances. Hence, give your child some time to accept the necessity to move.


Explore the new home destination together

If you notice that your teenager feels anger or sadness due to the upcoming move, it is very helpful to explore the new home destination together.

Whether moving to a new city, a new country or even a new continent, you get a whole new set of possibilities and options.

By stressing the positive sides of your relocation, you will most probably make your teenager feel more confident, optimistic, and enthusiastic about this great change your family is about to go through.


House hunt together

It is evident that teenagers like to feel they have control over what is happening in their lives. Unfortunately, this is slightly difficult to achieve when family relocation is in question.


A modern detached house.
Include your teenager in the househunting process.


However, there is something you can do. Include them in the house hunting process.

They will feel their opinion matters and also they will try to find a home they can visualize themselves in.

Once you finally choose a new home together and you move there with the help of professional movers like Moving Kings NC, you can expect the adaptation period to be less harsh on your teenager.


Plan a trip back to the old neighborhood and friends soon

Helping your teenager deal with a major relocation also includes providing your child with a decent chance to stay in touch with his/her old friends.

Teenagers need to understand that the move is not the end of their friendships. With a good organization and a bit of effort, it is possible to organize occasional visits to your neighbors and friends in the former home location.

Moreover, the technological era we are a part of allows us to communicate easily with people hundreds of thousands of miles away. Hence, a good internet connection will serve as one of the means for your teenage child to keep in touch with friends.


Include your teenager into the organization of the move

Although you might think they would not be interested in this aspect of the moving process, you would be surprised how much teenagers like to be included in the organization of the move.

They can be helpful when it comes to finding free packing supplies at local supermarkets or bookshops. Also, they should be in charge of packing the items valuable and important for them.

Under no circumstances should you start handling their items without consultation. Not only can they see it as a sign of your distrust, but also as an attempt to ruin their privacy.


Organizing a farewell party is a good idea

But not for everybody, though. Some teenagers find it very difficult to organize a goodbye party. It makes them feel deeply affected due to the major relocation, so they would rather avoid it.


People drinking cocktails at a party.
Organizing a farewell party might be a good idea for some teenagers.


On the other hand, there are those who want to use every minute before they finally hit the road to spend with friends and enjoy the time together.

Thus, you should make this decision together. Do not be pushy or insist on anything. Let your teenage child make the final decision because helping your teenager deal with a major relocation is your final aim.


Unpacking matters too

Once you finally get to your new home, make sure you help your teenager unpack all his/her items first. Also, it would be a nice idea to deal with some home improvement, too. Exploring the best ways to transform a bedroom might arouse interest in your teenager easily.

Teenagers like these projects and adore giving a personal touch to their living space.


Help your teenager involve with the new community

When your family and all the possessions are safe and sound at the new address, it is time for everybody to involve with the new community.


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Teenagers feel this irresistible urge to fit in the new surroundings and that can be difficult.

Your task is to provide stability to your child and help them build their identity, make some new friends, take up a new hobby, or anything else that will make them feel like a part of the new community.

Do not forget to pay close attention to the behavior of your teenager. Should you notice any signs of depression, act promptly.

Remember that depression is not unusual given the circumstances, but must not be neglected. If you cannot solve the problem on your own, remember that asking a professional for advice is what you can always opt for.


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