Australian Cuisine 101: A Guide to Traditional Australian Dishes

In a country as big as this one, it’s difficult to pinpoint only a few traditional dishes.

Australia is a vast, diverse continent full of everything from sandy beaches to hilly mountains, and you can eat anything from hearty, smoky barbecue, to light seafood. However, some dishes are so famous and so delicious that every single Aussie can talk about them for days, and travelers and gourmets are bound to find their place here.

Are you eager to try something delicious and get to know Australian cuisine a little better? Then take a look at some of their most famous foods and enjoy this culinary journey.


Meat pies



One of those comfort foods that every grandma used to bake for their grandkids, meat pies are a Blue Mountain speciality.

They’re usually eaten as a light lunch or a snack in between meals, but the dish is famous enough for every bakery around the town to have their own version of it. They’re usually filled with diced meat and gravy, but a lot of recipes incorporate veggies and various spices.

If you’re feeling hungry, just think about this blend: chorizo sausage, eggs, bacon, and baked beans topped with hollandaise sauce. The very thought of it practically makes your mouth water! This is a common breakfast pie served at restaurants, and it’s such a warm, homey kind of meal that it’s simply too good to pass up.






Is it any surprise that Aussies love seafood? Straight from the ocean and into the frying pan, marron lobster, king prawns, oysters, abalone, and mud crab are staple foods in the southern parts. If you’re feeling luxurious you could try fried marron lobster and wakame salad spiced with black pepper. Hell, why not try and make this on your own?

If you can’t find marron, use rock lobster or prawns, and find fresh seaweeds for the salad. You’ll need a tall, high-quality pot where you’ll boil the lobster for two minutes only. Once it’s boiled, dump it in a bowl of ice cold water immediately and then you can remove the shell and fry it lightly. Serve this with the seaweed, sprinkle with pepper, and enjoy!



Blackmore Wagyu beef



Ever wondered why Australia is so famous for its barbecue? It’s the beef. Plain and simple, they just use really good meat that barely needs any work to taste amazing. And it’s not just barbecue either – leg of lamb is another important speciality that every last Aussie loves. Blackmore Wagyu beef is the most famous, but this country is generally known for really good produce and high-quality meat that comes from grass-fed cows.

You simply have to go to Australia and try it at least once, but if you want to take a taste of it back home, prepare your own roast lamb. To make sure it’s authentic, you’ll need freshly ground black pepper and garlic and a touch of rosemary to give it that herbal twist. Rub the leg of lamb with salt and pepper all over, then make tiny cuts and push ground garlic and rosemary into them.

You’ll need to keep turning it around while it’s in the oven, so it’s good to grab something like the non-stick Anolon pan to make sure it roasts well from all sides. You can also pour tomato passata sauce to make the meat soft and juicy. Of course, serve this with a good bottle of red wine to really bring out the taste.






Light, yummy, creamy Pavlova – the dessert that anyone will love. It was made in honor of the ballet dancer Anna Pavlova on one of her many tours to Australia, this sweet is as light as a cloud and perfect to serve at parties. It’s full of whipped vanilla cream and fruits, and even inexperienced bakers can easily make it.

You can check out the recipe here. The best thing about it is that it’s easily modified – you get to use any kind of fruit you want. Traditionally, Aussies put whatever’s currently in season, so you can feel free to do the same. Or, if you want a bit of a twist, sprinkle in some ground nuts and add a little honey into the whole mix.






For those with a sweet tooth who are delighted that there are two desserts on this list, Lamington cake is yet another very famous Australian dish. It’s basically butter cake or sponge cake dipped into melted, sinfully sweet chocolate sauce, and then rolled in desiccated coconut.

The cakes are usually tiny and made in two layers, so people will often spread jam, vanilla cream, or chocolate in between the layers. If you want to make this sweet, we recommend that you serve it with fresh fruit juice, or alternatively, port, sherry, or ice wine.

Whether you decide to go on a culinary adventure or make all of these at home, Australian dishes are a sure way towards a full belly and a happy heart. Experiment with this food and enjoy!



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