Why Is Gaming Fun And Addictive?

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When it comes to gaming many of us can get absorbed in the latest release in our favourite series of games. There’s just something about sitting down and focusing on the one thing that can actually be not just fun but relaxing. I think this is where the addictiveness can come into it, it isn’t necessarily an addiction to your games console, more of the feeling you get when you are playing it. So why does this happen? I thought I would explore it a little to best explain it.

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Let’s look back in history

There is no hiding from the fact that people in history were a lover of games. Board games, card games, playing sporting games or other things outside, gaming has been a part of our lives for centuries, it is only in recent decades that it has been digitised and so advanced in the form of a games console and video game aspect.


It’s entertaining

Getting yourself setup for a gaming session is fn, and there is such a big entertainment side of things for it. Games these days come with backstories, things you need to do and learn throughout the game in order to succeed and complete it. Things you can do online which actually gives you the chance to play with or against others all over the world. There is also a social element to it, as you can chat to your friends online while playing the game together.


The chance to escape the hustle and bustle of life

Life can get so busy at times. The daily hustle and bustle of routine that can include your work commitments, your family, your partner or friends. It can get all too consuming at times and often you need a chance to escape. It may not be possible to head away somewhere all of the time, or practical, whereas you can for a short while through a game. This is why people invest in things like gaming chairs thanks to recommendations from websites like GotUrBack. It is why people invest in their consoles, there sound systems, etc. It enables you to sit back and escape for a while normal life and reality.


A stress reliever

Just as you would need to escape from life sometimes, life can also be stressful. It might be that you have a really demanding job, or it could be that you just have a lot going on in your life at the moment. Stress can take over your life and it can really affect your mind physically and mentally. Gaming can take you away from that situation and help relieve your stress as you prioritise your thoughts in a different way.



Finally, the last fun element of gaming is the competitive side of things. It might be the camaraderie between you and your friends, battling online or wanting to be one of the first to discover new aspects of the game.

I hope that this explains why gaming can be so fun and addictive and why it may even help you in your life.




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