Why Smoking Cigarettes is So last Millenium!

There is so much information out there about smoking. Not only for younger people but also for all generations, as long as you decide to be open-minded and think about what is the best option is for you, your health, and those around you.


Disclaimer: This article IS NOT to imply that you should smoke, that you should stop smoking, etc. Those actions/Decisions are ENTIRELY your options and your prerogative. Read to be informed. Make a decision by Yourself, as you are responsible for you!


There has been a growth in the market for many things, others gained more visibility during this pandemic but already existed centuries before, such as Snus.

The smokeless tobacco (ST) sold in Norway is an unfermented, moist tobacco product, known as snus.

Snus use started to increase after 1990, first among young men, and from 2005 among young women. In 2017, 25% of young men and 14% of young women used snus daily. Smoking rates in Norway have declined steeply since the millennium: young men and women using both products – most often use snus daily and cigarettes occasionally.


Different types of Snus


Snus is an oral smokeless tobacco product that is usually placed behind the upper lip, either in a loose form or in portioned sachets and is primarily used in Sweden and Norway. Snus is distinctly different from other oral tobacco products due to the unique manufacturing process involved. Loose snus looks the same today as it did 200 years ago and is still the basis of Swedish snus tradition.


History of Snus

Even though you think you never heard of Snus, well the fact is that you definitely heard or seen it on tv/movies. Depending on your country, you might have heard of Chewing tobacco or Rapé (sniffing tobacco), Snus is the Swedish name for pouches.

In the 16th century, Swedes began to mix tobacco leaves with salt and water to place behind the upper lip. The snuff was born, but prior that the predecessor went from the Caribbean, into the French court and then across Europe as the latest fashion.



Is Snus better than smoking?

According to many health services in the world, compared to cigarettes, snus seems less dangerous.

In Sweden, snus is something that has helped lower smoking rates. More than half of Swedish snus users are ex-smokers.

They’ve reduced their chances of cancer. It’s not risk-free, but they’ve drastically reduced the risk by switching to snus.
Even so, Snus has their own risks. For more information check Snus Reviews online.


Remember: You are the only one that can make choices for yourself.


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