Home Improvement Ideas to Tackle This Fall

Well-organized and bright living room with cozy furniture

Fall is the ideal season for home improvement ideas, projects, renewals, and repairs. After the summer vacation, we have the energy and time to commit to some preparations for the colder days.

Now is the perfect time to plan a few DIY projects and put some effort into doing them. If you opt for some bigger renovations, calling professional help might be needed. Here are some home improvement ideas to tackle this fall.

Fresh details for cozy home

To many people, home improvement primarily refers to buying some new household appliances or tech gadgets. These items are expected to improve life quality and make your days easier and more enjoyable.

Our advice is waiting until Black Friday or holiday season for discounts. Plan in advance which tech pieces or home appliances you would buy and set your budget accordingly.

For the time being, you can focus on equipping your home with fresh details, make it look better, and feel cozier.

Think about heating systems

The beginning of fall is just the right time to think about the heating system for your home and how to improve an existing one. If you can afford it, think about buying an electric fireplace. Also, a smart thermostat can save you a lot of money in the long run. These gadgets can adjust the temperature of your heating system automatically.

Regardless of which heating system you are currently using, if you are not upgrading it, at least get it checked. Inspect if everything is clean and in perfect condition. If you have a chimney, fall is the perfect time for the annual inspection.

Of course, focusing on green energy is always preferable, so you might consider investing in solar panels. Planning these things on time will ensure you will welcome the holidays in a comfy and warm home.

Replace old windows or doors

When thinking about essential home improvement projects, this task is often the first that comes to mind. If drafts or cold air leak through your windows or doors, change them this fall before temperatures drop significantly in a few months.

Replacing old drafty doors and windows will not only save you from the chill, but the costs will pay themselves off in time. You will save on heating and electricity during the winter.

Looking After Plumbing

Your plumbing should be looked after year-round, but that’s especially true during the fall. If you’re worried about blocked drains, cracked pipes, and similar issues, it’s worth paying some attention to your plumbing. It’s worth getting a professional to sort this out for you, as they’ll spot any potential problems before they’re an issue.

Repaint walls

Summers are usually too hot to consider home painting projects. Now, as the weather gets cooler, it is the perfect time to get some painting done and refresh your home.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls will revive the room. Consider bright and neutral colors primarily because they blend better and make the space look larger.

Illuminate your house

It starts to get dark earlier in the fall, so you need to ensure you have enough light inside. You can significantly improve the appearance and whole impression of your home by changing or improving the lighting fixtures in main areas.

The right lighting can make your home look luxurious, and great lighting ideas can be a game-changer in your home.

Clean your home thoroughly – room by room

Declutter whatever you can and clean everything else, even the surfaces you bypass in regular maintaining of the household. We will remind you of a few essential tasks you need to take care of in the fall:

  • Launder all pillowcases, sheets, beddings, blankets.
  • Aerate the pillows, duvets, mattresses.
  • Thoroughly clean windows and wash draperies or blinds.
  • Wash and scrub the shower/bathtub; wash or replace the shower curtain if you have one.
  • Clean and reorganize kitchen cupboards.
  • Clean the oven, fridge, kitchen hood, stove, and small appliances.
  • Defrost and clean your freezer.
  • Inspect expiration dates and get rid of expired foods and spices from the pantry.
  • Wipe down switches and doorknobs.
  • Clean the kitchen sink and other piping.
  • Move your furniture to clean underneath.
  • Dust and wipe down bookshelves and all other shelves.
  • Clean the carpets professionally.

After the big cleaning is done, re-stock on toiletries and gather some essential food supplies.

Tackle the closets

When storing seasonal clothes, make sure you get rid of some old, unnecessary, or out-of-fashion items. Do not hesitate to give them away, donate, sell, or throw them away to ensure you have space for a few new pieces of autumn and winter wardrobe.

Consider renting a storage unit

We all like to save something just in case, but our living spaces are usually not big enough to store everything we would like.

If it is too difficult for you to get rid of things you may need later, then at least keep a few belongings out of the way by renting a proper storage unit. It can change your life significantly. It is especially good to store seasonal items there, to wait for you until next summer.

Buy and install 3D wall panels

Are you familiar with 3D wall panels? In addition to just looking incredibly cool, here are some of their benefits. You can install them by yourself and they are not too expensive. Furthermore, they help provide heat insulation as well as improve your room’s acoustics.

Decorating a space with them will give a brand-new, refreshed look to your home. They usually work best when placed behind your office/study desk or on the wall opposite the TV and sound systems.

Restoration of antique furniture

If you have some old and unique pieces of furniture, now it is time to arrange a proper restoration.

Do not forget to handle antique pieces with care, especially when transporting them to a restoration professional.

Polish and restore shine to wooden surfaces

Clean your wooden surfaces thoroughly, and then apply basic wax or polish to bring back that shimmer. You should not do this too often, so if you do it now you won’t have to worry about it until the beginning of the spring.

Do not let mess take hold in your home, or your own excuses to blur your mind. It’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t have time, or the will or the money to deal with all the clutter, cleaning, and repairs, because you just don’t know where to start.

You can start small, making changes by applying any of the advice given in this article. Each one of these home improvement ideas will make your space feel and look better.

A good organization of space and that feeling of warmth and coziness in your home will inevitably reflect on your mood too.


Article by Sally Norton

Sally is part of the Alejandra’s Life Family Team

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