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Want a Proper Christmas and New Year travel? Madeira is Welcoming You!

November 16, 2020

While all the bridges and flights are closed, each country defending themselves against what all of us were fighting off this year, there are still places you can travel with the proper precautions, and please be aware of you and whoever you travel with, have a bit of common sense not to take the virus with you and follow all the rules. If we all follow the rules of wearing masks, washing hands, make a test if you feel any…

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Safety Tips for Traveling During the COVID-19 Crisis

September 9, 2020

If you had your way, you’d stay home and self-quarantine. But circumstances demand you travel, and you need to board a plane, COVID-19 or no COVID-19. So how can you protect yourself and your family if they plan to accompany you? While traveling is a high-risk activity, there are steps you can take to minimize the danger. Take the following eight measures.   1. Improve Your Diet At least a week or so before departure — preferably earlier — start…

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Haunted Hotels: The Mermaid Inn – Rye, East Sussex (UK)

September 4, 2020

Take a look at this Inn, the only Mermaid Inn rich in history in the UK!   The Cellars dating is from 1156 and the building was rebuilt in 1420. Mermaid Inn is a Rosette recognized dining, with affordable rooms and medieval architecture, but those are not the only things going on in Rye’s historic Mermaid Inn. Guests who check-in at the centuries-old pub, can expect to rub shoulders with some of its regulars, not all of whom are alive.…

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Why River Tours Are Fun

August 24, 2020
thames river boat cruise london

River cruises and river tours have become one of the hottest travel trends in recent years, providing some of the best views of a city, or multiple destinations. For example, those who purchased one of the Ottawa homes for sale, with the capital city set along the south bank of the Ottawa River, have easy access to a wide variety of trips out on the water. Of course, there are river excursions across the globe, in the U.S., Europe, Asia,…

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August 21, 2020
torre de belem monument portugal lisbon lisboa

An official statement released by Luis Araujo – President of the national tourism board Turismo de Portugal.   20th August 2020: In light of the news breaking on 20th August 2020, in which Portugal was added to a travel corridor between the United Kingdom thus removing the madantory requirement for visitors to quarantine upon return, an official statement has been issued by Mr. Luis Araújo, President of Turismo de Portugal.     “We are delighted to have the UK government…

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Haunted Hotels: Serra da Estrela Hotel/Hostel, Portugal

July 28, 2020

Brand new series with an edge: Haunted Hotels was the chosen new series (chosen by you) on social media with a whopping 90% poll vote! And here we have the new episode, starting with Portugal. When I was researching some hotels, where you can actually stay, some of the hotels are pretty obvious that I am going to write about them, I will try and make them all around the world, but for the first article I decided to add…

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7 Fun Ways to Reconnect With Nature

June 22, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   When the summer comes around, it often feels like a brand new opportunity to get back to your roots and reconnect with the Earth. Outdoor time is important for your spiritual and mental well-being in addition to your physical health, so it’s important to prioritize getting outside. There are so many fun and creative ways to engage with your surroundings in nature. If you’re looking for some creative ideas for how you can get enjoy the…

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3 Reasons Staycations Can Scratch Your Travel Itch

June 17, 2020
pebble beach with a lighthouse

Staycations are becoming more popular by the day, and considering the chances of international travel is a long way away, more and more people are considering how they can blow off some steam without taking a flight to an all-inclusive resort. Aside from the convenience, staycations are an excellent way to unwind and give yourself some time to recharge before you head back to work in a week or two. If you know that you need a break but are…

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